ANATOMY OF A K-DRAMA KISS: 2016 Year-end Special

It’s that time of year! We are not just talking about the holidays. Nonetheless, we gathered to give you an early present.

Seo In Guk once said that “Kiss scenes need a well-made narrative to bloom properly”. Spoken like a true Master of Kiss! Most kiss scenes are hot and steamy nowadays that it’s a disservice to make things simple. But what does it take to capture the hearts of the CK ladies? For 2016, we are giving you our favourites that will show you the answer.

We want to know your favourites too! We provided a poll below this post for you to enjoy. Happy reading!

Oh Hae Young Again

If we are gonna talk about a kiss scene in this drama, the wall-bed-kiss scene would be top of mind.

But not for us.

The three episodes of separation intensified a different kind of longing. This kiss scene from Episode 13 screams sincerity and forgiveness that proves love keeps no record of wrongs! How amazing it is to feel accepted and loved, finally! And have you noticed those smiles in between? That is something we don’t get in every kiss. Eric Mun is definitely among the Master of Kiss lead charmer favourite. No one can deny that every kiss between Oh Hae Young and Park Do Kyung was sizzling hot in its own right. Though he humbly said that Seo Hyun Jin responded well each time. We dare say, the chemistry is top-notch that everything seem natural and effortless for Eric and Hyun Jin. They’ve showed that the power of two produces a different kind of intimacy, incomparable to none.

Abuse that repeat button! If I may suggest, don’t just watch this scene — listen. The sounds go beyond the beat of your heart.

Jealousy Incarnate (Dare to Dream)

Kiss scenes here are great but we only have room for one.

Pyo Na Ri (Gong Hyo Jin) narrated a complete list why Go Jung Won (Go Kyung Pyo) is the better man for her. Hearing all of it was the perfect formula for Lee Hwa Shin (Jo Jung Seok) to reach his breaking point. I know watching this hurts most for those who belong in Team Jung Won. However, we cannot blame Na Ri for following her heart.

We love the intensity of the ambiance! Hwa Shin finally made his feelings known. He took a risk, betraying his friend is a bitter pill he had to swallow for his own love. Saying he is crazy doesn’t suffice to describe this moment. Same goes for Na Ri. Both of them know just one thing, love. The kind that comes once in a lifetime.

Fair warning. Jo Jung Seok will be a K-drama lead staple in this list. He might be in our Hall of Fame someday.

Shopping King Louie

We also agree with Go Bok Sil (Nam Ji Hyun) that moments with Louie (Seo In Guk) will produce memories worth remembering.

This scene may be a simple one for those discerning kiss-addicts. Ottokaji?? (What to do?) We can’t resist not to have Seo In Guk in this year’s list.

Don’t be deceived by its simplicity because it was filled with heart, it is worth repeating. The way that Louie held Bok Sil’s hand provided the right touch that made this scene special. Did you see how his pinky finger moved? So cute. This k-drama is a reminder to make “now” count. If you can, seal it with a kiss.


Anyone who followed our recaps might be surprised to find this drama here but we’re not going to let a crazy plot take away from hot kisses. No way,  Jose! Not here on Couch Kimchi.

It’s a little difficult to settle on one because there were tons of sensual kisses to choose from but we’ve decided on the jailhouse kiss in Episode 7.

Kang Chul (Lee Jong Suk) is mad at Oh Yeon Joo (Han Hyo Joo) for treating him like a toy she can resurrect on a whim but when she blurts out that she loves him, it’s the first time he’s affected, and she’s sent back to her world.

But thinking about her drags her back into his and after she points out that he’s shaken by her, he admits it and kisses her. And boy is it a great kiss. Character emotions aside, the way Jong Suk kisses his costars makes us swoon e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e.

The K2

Plot holes notwithstanding, how often do actors look like they actually enjoy their onscreen kisses? Not very! That’s why The K2’s final kiss(es) make the list!

Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) is mad that Anna (Im Yoon Ah) didn’t let him enjoy the moment of exposing some corrupt leaders so she makes up for it by kissing him and creating a moment that they (and we) can enjoy. And enjoy it we did – our rewind buttons can attest to it. It started off playfully then turned deeper as Je Ha melted into her. But before we knew it, they were in Barcelona, teasing and kissing each other like they wanted to remember their last shoot. No, we have no idea if this was their final scene but we like to think so because how else can you explain such a perfect, natural scene? The only explanation that makes sense is that Yoon Ah and Ji Chang Wook went all out and made it count because they’d no longer have any excuses to kiss each other. Hey, Guys, here’s one I just came up with: date.

Oops… did we just become embarrassing real life shippers?

But on a more serious note, this kiss made the list because it gave us feels. It’s that simple.

Let your favourites be heard!

Take the poll below and choose 5 of your favourites! The list is arranged in RANDOM order. Please note that currently airing K-drama are not included. You can only vote once a day until December 31.


  • humbledaisy says:

    One thing about all the kisses you mentioned is that they are grown up kisses. Adults want to hold onto the person they love – they want to touch their hair, their hands, their skin, perhaps even tug on their clothes. Lip locking is really only one part of kissing. The whole “Seven Kisses” product placement show is totally the opposite of this. They are cute, attractive people who barely touch, barely talk and just skim lips. I don’t think the characters really have to be an adult in a show (Reply 1997 has some great very tentative teen kisses) but real people of all ages want more than a lip. Thanks for making me decide to pick up Another Miss Oh again.

  • Mez says:

    I always feel a bit silly gushing over kiss scenes. But there’s just so much feeels in a good one, it can’t be helped.
    The Barcelona kiss-scene in K2 was actually one of the first (if not The first) scenes they filmed. Makes it even more impressive imo.

  • Drama_Panda says:

    OHYA Kisses were on another playing field this year.

  • Adal says:

    One reason I could never get into the Moonlight Drawn by Clouds kisses is because I could never forget, even for a second, that she’s still a minor. It was the same problem I had with Let’s Fight Ghost, and why I frankly dropped that drama. In those cases, they could have done without the kiss scenes and the drama would still have been all right. Something within the lines of Mirror of the Witch?

    As for the more mature kisses, this article did a good job of highlighting the dramas with excellent kiss scenes this year, I just wanted to add UEE’s Marriage Contract and Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim also had kiss scenes that stood out in my memory. Such fire and passion, woah!

  • bmore says:

    I’m going to presume you mean Something about 1% / 1% of Something and NOT the old 1% of Anything drama. Never in all the 100s of dramas I have watched have I seen that many kisses done that well! 😛

    • bmore says:

      oh and it’s a tough choice between 1% and Jealousy Incarnate for me….

      Putting Ha Suk Jin, Jo Jeong Suk, and Seo In Guk in competition…just shoot me. I will stand by my philosophy…why pick one. Take them all!

  • SOSsy says:

    Ha Seok Jin’s passionate kisses in 1% induce breathlessness and exploding ovaries! (mine at least ;-p) He’s always reaching out to touch Jeon So Min’s Dada – her arm, her face… and the Boy kisses like he means it. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  • Ranjeeta says:

    Another Miss Oh kisses are all good. I mean, those kisses have different style (lol), different feelings and different emotions. Eric and Seo Hyun Jin’s chemistry was so natural that I understand the dating rumor came up. It was not only the kiss. They smile, the hugs, the touches were feeling so real like we witnessed their private moments *shy

    I knew Eric is one of the best kisser in korean drama (along with Gong Yoo, Jo In Sung and Lee Dong Wook). He has the kinda manly vibes that even small touches from him could look so intimates. So, I’m waiting Mr. Moon to be paired with other awesome kisser actresses like Yoon Eun Hye, Gong Hyo Jin or Honey Lee *weird wishes

  • Sara Lèe says:

    I watched OHYA bts in youtube and saw that Eric is kinda shy guy in real life 😀 He won’t touch Seo Hyun Jin or Jeon Hye Bin without PD’s permission. There are some lead actors try hard to show their chemistry with the ladies by touching them or create some lame jokes around. Eric seems not like that. He was so calm even Seo Hyun Jin seems more hyper than him. OHYA skinships are heavy and if not handled properly it would come out awkward. I think Eric could give ‘comfortable environment’ to Seo Hyun Jin to act passionate with him 😉

  • sharreb says:

    I really thought Bok Shil and Louis’s kisses were really sweet. the hand holding upped the sentimentality note.

    In W both leads looked like they enjoyed the kissing- which i cant say the same for many other drama otps. Other than the handcuff kiss, i liked the rooftop kiss and the tear fall on his cheek one. In OHYA it was passionate with a capital P.

    I also like Something about 1%. Jae In and Dada had effortless chemistry. You tend to thk its real not jus reel.

    Have yet to watch K2 and JI

  • Gyna says:

    Usually it’s lead males who always more into kiss scenes rather than female leads. I still remember how awkward Ha Ji Won with Lee Jin Wook in In Times With You. It was like Ha Ji Won got so much pressure to do that scene with him lol.
    Nowadays, korean actors are pretty good in this kinda scene. But again, you can’t hide their gestures or feelings. I could say, only two pairings did enjoy their intimate scenes. W and Another Miss Oh. Even for Seo Hyun jin, she looks rather awkward in romantic scenes with her new pair in Romantic Doctor. In the K2, Ji Chang Wook seems enjoying the skinship while Yoona looks uncomfortable.

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