“Goblin” Episode 6 Stills: A Grim Reaper Has Never Looked So Good

I apologize for the cheesy title but Lee Dong Wook is owning this look.

I’ve always found him attractive but the way the Reaper works a suit in this drama makes me fan myself. These stills are from an Episode 6 scene where we meets up with Sunny which will make those of us who want more from them very happy.

Credit: tvN, TopStarNews


  • Lulu1995 says:

    Trop beau 😍 !!!!!!!

  • Tracy says:

    Lee Dong Wook looks absolutely handsome & suave!!! His acting & comic timing are also a main attraction to Goblin. But for him, it would be bland!! Really bland with only the lead OTP

  • jijiji says:

    Thanks for posting this pics! And yes, we want more of him, more and more. Of him and Sunny for sure. They’re so cute, funny and hot same time when together. Absolutely gorgeous couple. Not saying how greatly they match with their visuals. But I also hope for faster developement of their relationships. First of all, I want then to share some moments of love before they’ll face the reality of their past lifes.

  • Nipavi says:

    he’s so cool

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