“Goblin” Episode 7 Preview

So the sword remains!

A cutie appears! As does an accident. I guess the next episode will be full of drama.

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  • Rosee70 says:

    I am officially quitting Goblin. Watching GongYoo’s and KGE melancholic faces 3/4 of the episode was enough to make me lose interest. Even LDW and his Sunny could not retain my interest anymore.
    In fact I am going to stop watching korean dramas except for LOBTS. And I am going to concentrate on those C-dramas.
    So, thank you Clockwatcher for this article.
    Thank you for this blog, CouchKimchi, a source of fun and different info. Goodbye.

    • jijiji says:

      I can totally understand you. I’m struggling so hard to continue this drama. It was such an awesome masterpiece in 1-2 eps and it became another boring melo with two main leads bickering again and again over sword. And those endless flashbacks on their romantic moments. They’d better develope more side lines and mystery around Grim Reaper, Sunny, Deok Hwa and Grandma. I believe I will start fasforwarding their moments in next episodes.

  • ilchul says:

    I’M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS DRAMA!! ^__^ and now starts the wait of another entire week for the next episode!! *sigh*

  • Ďřämå ĺõvęř føř ĺïfë says:

    Î know right. I am śõ äddictive țo this ďrama but the long wait for it to be řelease is killing me. Bűt I love it kěep this drama ğoinğ awesomę

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