“Goblin” Week Three Thoughts: Hmm

I’m actually not quite sure what I feel about this drama.

I was under the wrong impression that it was pre-produced as they are still filming it. I’m assuming they haven’t yet but why does it seem like they are already live shooting?

Because one often notices the abundance of flashbacks in the final quarter of most dramas as they have to somehow make the episode stretch to an hour. But it’s not the case here. We are still at the beginning and they are apparently not restricted by length so why the over-reliance on flashbacks? Some may say that it’s dictated by the story but do we need to be shown every previous scene? We have memories, after all.

Plus what was up with Episode 6? I could barely find a plot. I liked Goblin saying farewell to everyone but it was like the writer wanted to stretch the sword-pulling to the final scene so she just had them spinning their wheels. No, Goblin’s constant stalling made sense (and was well done) but we had Eun Tak cry at his sad story then refuse to help him out for a forced reason. It wasn’t organic.

I won’t say much about the romance other than that a minor is too young to buy a lottery ticket but not too young to romance a geriatric. I was trying hard to ignore her age (despite the aegyo and school uniform) but they had to build an entire sequence around it. Le sigh.

On the plus side, my wish came true and despite seeing the sword, she wasn’t able to pull it. I don’t know if this means she’s not the Goblin’s bride or that their relationship has to advance to a certain stage before she can pull it out but I’m glad that this conflict has been injected into their story. It’s better for them to decide to be together without being compelled to (even if real feelings develop).

For whatever reason, Goblin is now able to see her future and she’s apparently in Quebec for the “first time.” So there might be some memory loss/removal thing going on there. Twenty-nine is also the age a grim reaper will be making another attempt at her life so it’ll be interesting to see how that goes.

But something I liked was that seeing her happy in his premonition led to his decision to let go. While I think they should have spent way more time developing his feelings, I liked how the scene was shot and Gong Yoo was really good at expressing everything Kim Shim was feeling through his face.

The gags are the best thing about this drama. Last week, I probably would have said that we didn’t need an update on the loan sharks but I liked that we did. Watching the effect of Goblin’s “spells” is always fun.

While it’s great to see Grim Reaper and Goblin getting along a lot better, a part of me misses their petty fights because they were very entertaining. Luckily for us, we’ve got our dearest Reaper who clearly needs to read a few “Idiot’s Guides” to get with the times. His inability to use a smartphone properly will never get old. I love how hard it was for him to program Sunny’s name and how literal he is about everything, Haha. He’s the best.

And congrats to Sunny for having customers. I guess her business isn’t a complete failure after all.

Dating Reaper will be a mess, though. I enjoyed him getting jealous and compelling Deok Hwa and Sunny’s friend to leave but it’s very unfair (and scary) to date someone who can manipulate situations and erase your memory.  But the disappearing act on the bridge was funny and I guess it means that he’s not intangible while invisible.

I’m glad that they got more screen time but it’s about time to start building a real connection between them.

Am I the only one who misses Grandma Fairy? I loved her scenes in the first week but I think her only scene this week was with the little kid. Oh, and yes, another aspect I’m enjoying are the send-offs to the afterlife. The blind man’s reunion with his dog was touching as was Eun Tak helping the student leave peacefully.

On another note, do you think this is the last time the convenience store owner will ignore anyone who claims to have the winning lottery numbers? Haha.

The writer has built a rich world and while I understand that the main romance will always be the focus, I find the supporting stories more delightful. I honestly wouldn’t mind if there was more time spent on sending the dead on their way.


  • dadiva catbagan says:

    I don’t think Gong Yoo is “geriatric”. I was quite offended and hurt, that you called him that. He is a hunk!!!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Of course he’s a hunk. And at 37, not a geriatric at all! I would never call him that. Also, Kim Go Eun isn’t a minor and there would be nothing wrong with a real life pairing.

      Kim Shin, on the other hand, is 939/(or 938 if you hear him tell it) and since Methuselah isn’t alive, is probably too old for everyone else, but in my opinion, really shouldn’t be paired with a minor.

  • Patricia Mara says:

    I think she couldn’t pull the sword because the true nature of the curse was finding someone who could see it and also be willing to pull it; that being met lifted the curse, I am expecting the president in the future to be him.

  • bmore says:

    Someone else posted elsewhere that he still cannot see her future. He was seeing her through the waiter’s future eyes which is why the camera rotated around following the waiter…their same waiter was still there at age 29. That’s also why we only get that short glimpse of her and nothing else (like who she is waiting for) because the waiter has walked away. I wonder, Is there a darker reason for why he cannot see her future? Like…she doesn’t have one? Perhaps he is not the only one who will die when the sword is pulled? And the sword isn’t going to be pulled for a while because she isn’t ‘truly’ his Bride yet? Was the one she was waiting for him maybe? Perhaps they have some years ahead of them with her growing up? Still looking forward to where the writer is taking us. I am also loving every minute of it. Since sci fi and fantasy are my top genres, this one is just a joy for me. I have no complaints.

  • Beez says:

    Yup – what Bmore said about him still not seeing her future.

    As to Eun Tak being 19, I was also dubious, but the fact that the show has shined a light on their age gap (including Reaper’s protective objection to Goblin’s “intentions”), it’s working for me. Also, I think it’s been handled really well and innocently so far. After all, she’s only been bride in title with no wedding night expectations. In fact, our hero was going to die just leaving her with the title and untouched…even unkissed. Hmmmm, maybe that’s why she can’t pull the sword yet as she’s not yet his bride in the trust sense.

    I think you’d enjoy it more if, after seeing how this romance had been handled in the first half of this, trust the show not to go there (teenager + 37/900 year old) but expect a time jump. That’s what I’m doing and I’m LOVING THIS SHOW!

  • Denise says:

    great review , for me i think Wookie and YIN ‘s scene on the bridge and the blind man were the best scenes , wookie’s ability to deliver emotion with his facial expressions is phenomena

  • Jiyoon says:

    I think he saw eun tak future trough the waiter, because the waiter was still there when eun tak came 10 years later

  • Evren says:

    I love the cinematography in this drama. And no matter what the story line is, it is still so funny to watch. Absolutely gorgeous.

  • Maria says:

    I am gradually falling out of love with this show, the first two episodes had me glued to my seat, but episode 5 and 6 felt disjointed, the pace was lagging, the sequencing of the scenes and cuts did not feel organic.
    * Characters acting in incomprehensible way – Eun Tak crying in empathy then becoming mean and materialistic again – turn on a dime? (And I have to admit that the way the male characters are written is a little better, but they are also giving me whiplash, being badass-broody tragic figures and in then acting like 5-year-olds (I HATED the lying-on-bed-nailbiting-scene, that was so OTT).
    * this director likes to draws out characters-contemplating scenes and conversations WAY too long – we already saw that with the brooding scenes in the episodes before but now we have added lengthy flashbacks not just as a recap at the beginning (already annoying) but as a reminescene.
    Come on, tighter editing please! Stop it with the long episodes if you can’t move the plot along…

    And no, I am also missing Sanshim Halmoni, her scenes are great because she is quite a mysterious character.

  • jijiji says:

    I feel like you’re reading my mind, Clockwatcher! Or I’m reading yours…=)) But in any case totally agree with all you’ve brought here. Too much flashbacks, too much sword already plotless storyline, I;m missing Grandma as well, I’d rather watch Grim Reaper sending people to afterlife (it’s so touching and deep part of this drama) and of course more build up for Grim Reaper and Sunny couple. But we will not see their past lifes in the nearest episodes. I have idea that when FINALLY they will stop chewing bubblegum with sword, the main driving force of plot will become Grim Reaper and Sunny backstory. Drama gods, please let it happen the soonest. I’m starting fast forwarding so many scenes.

  • Adal says:

    Hmmmm…. have they run out of material already? It certainly feels that way…. two episodes devoted to so much brooding with little plot advancement, after a while even the best filmed and acted drama starts to pall.

    Let there be some plot development already! Darn it. To be honest, I find the relationship between the grim reaper and Sunny to be even more boring. At least I was expecting sparks and fire works with them. Oh, to thwarted expectations….

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