New, Exciting “Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Preview

I know I refuse to be excited but guys, there’s a limit!

It looks like they’ve decided to speed things along by bringing in a new rival for poor Joon Hyung. 😀 And it’s played by none other than his friend and Moon Lovers cast mate, Ji Soo! What a treat for us!

It looks like it pushes him to his limit and forces him to confess. I suppose the producers decided to release another preview because they know how impatient we’ve all gotten!

Well, methinks this won’t be in Episode 11 but Episode 12 is close enough! *does happy dance*

Credit: Uploader, MC (for the tip. Thank you!)


  • NJH's fangirl says:

    Can’t hide how happy I am with this development. Looking forward to wednesday and thursday. This is such a treat! Go, Joon Hyung! Yay for Jisoo’s cameo.😊

  • Elena says:

    Awwww!!!! **jumps in excitement** I’m dying here 😀 is this really happening already? Love that Joong Hyun will not allow anyone to steal his girl, and he will take action. Let’s see how Bok Ju reacts…I guess it might take some time for her. Anyway, I can’t wait to watch the whole thing. *-*
    This drama is so good, it has made me feel that these two are real people that I already know; like two friends that I want to get together. Even the confession in the preview sounds so real… I’m getting feelings of my old matchmaker days, when I used to set up my friends with the boys they liked, haha!!

  • silentspring says:

    Don’t be too exicted don’t be too excited *speelmyself 🙂

    But, can’t help it, i’m happy eventhough it would be ending with their dorking things :))

    Can’t wait for wednesdaaaayyyyy!! please come faaassstt!!!

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      Haha. There are only 6 more episodes so it’s time for their relationship to transition. I’m sure they’ll still be dorky when their fun dates come with kisses 😀

      • MC says:

        Word is through, JIsoo is ep11 and baby seohyun is ep12.
        I\’m so ready for this to be true since I\’m all in for the real date at part and not a non date. You know what I mean!!!?!

        • MC says:


          How come I get the spam not test? 🙁

          • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

            What? Then it’s happening sooner than expected. No complaints from me. LOL

            And I also have no idea why it’s putting your comments into moderation. I think it might be because you’re using a “\” and it thinks it might be a link or something. I apologize for that and will approve them as soon as I see them.

            • MC says:

              Maybe, I\’m posting too much lol. I think it might be MY phone too cause I\’m not putting (\\) at all, just regular \’.

              • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

                I don’t think it’s the frequency of your posts. Must be your phone because I’m is posting as I\’m and the blog flags all links.

      • silentspring says:

        it would be interesting jissooo is cameoooo!! and joon hyung jealousyyy. Waiting bok joo realize joon hyung is the one and the only. I know it could be the one and only dorky partner forever after hahahahaha…. Oh noooo heeeeellppp i’m soooo intoo this dramaaa!! heeelppp!! 🙂

  • vernhoen says:

    Can someone sub this T^T

  • ilchul says:

    I was so hapy when I saw the news that Ji Soo will make a cameo but I forgot that he can be an “oppa” to Bok Joo and raise Joon Hyung’s jealousy!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • MC says:


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