“The Legend of the Blue Sea” English-Subbed Episode 11 Preview

It seems Chi Hyeon’s mother is a black widow but if so, she sure worked Joon Jae’s dad for a while because they have been together for close to two decades.

Speaking of Chi Hyeon, why is he still hanging around? This is exactly why I will always be suspicious of him.

Credit: SBS, ICE Beyond_MinoBoiz_ICE@YT


  • Beez says:

    I’m suspicious of him too, but only because I’m very cynical and he’s a step brother in a kdrama after all. But I do think some of the things he’s said to his mother (and hiding Joon Jae’s whereabouts) seem to show he’s matured from the kid who went along with his mother’s hurtful ways toward Jaejoon. And he seems to really care for his stepfather. If he’s innocent, it would mean the previous husbands whom evil stepmom caused to go blind were before he was born.Otherwise, he’d be too stupid (if he’s innocent) not to recognize the “coincidence”.

    • Clockwatcher Clockwatcher says:

      I am also mainly suspicious of him because he’s the stepbrother and child of that evil witch. Otherwise, other than the flashback, he’s been sweet and a stand-up guy.

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