“The Legend of the Blue Sea” Week 5 Thoughts

My favorite scene this week was when Joon Jae met his dad. It was sad but I really loved it. I’ve also begun to accept that his stepbrother might be as nice as he appears (although I’m still keeping my eye on him. Haha).

I loved that as in every Korean drama, there’s obviously a huge misunderstanding (most likely orchestrated by the evil stepmom). While Dad thought back to happy times, Son remembered sad times.

It hurt to watch Joon Jae’s father’s heart break as his son rejected his love. And it also hurt to see Joon Jae break down because he still longs for his dad.

All I need now is for someone to stop evil stepmom from poisoning her husband.

It was insinuated that evil stepmom dated Ma Dae Young who might be Chi Hyeon’s dad. It makes sense as they were together in the Joseon era.

The past and present have officially been connected with Dam Ryung and Joon Jae dreaming about each other and being able to communicate. Dam Ryung claims that the past is repeating itself which kind of makes sense. The only issue is that stepmom and his dad’s assistant are much older than their Joseon counterparts.

Anyway, this parallel drives home that Joon Jae has less than three weeks to live if he is unable to protect himself and Sim Chung.

I wondered if Joon Jae could meet his mom an episode after meeting his dad and in typical Kdrama fashion, he didn’t! 😀 I’m fine with this because we have to space things out a bit.

Even without that, it was a week of revelations. Joon Jae learned:

He looks identical to Dam Ryung and is connected to him.

He can hear Sim Chung’s thoughts. This is a biggie. How and why?

She’s a mermaid. Yes, he learned that she’s a mermaid!

And most of all, he’s recovered his memories from Spain. This changes the game.

Is it crazy that 10 episodes into the drama, what I root for most is for Joon Jae to reunite with his parents? I want Chi Hyeon to show that the apple can fall very far from the tree and be nothing like his evil parents then the four of them can live happily together.

Of course, Sim Chung should join them but I don’t think they developed her side of their romance well so I’m not invested. But I’m not against it or anything.

What I’ll say is that Dam Ryung got mixed up with Yang because he was protecting Sae Hwa. Things have switched up a bit because Joon Jae is the target in the present. Sim Chung is only in danger – so far- because she’s close to Joon Jae.

While Nam Doo revealing all he’s learned about Sim Chung makes him look less shady, I do wonder how deep he’s going to dig and what he will do with the information. Because no matter how sweet his relationship with Joon Jae is now, he’s still a conman.

It was revealed that Ma Dae Young is also dreaming of the past. Is this limited to the main players or do more minor characters like Joon Jae’s mom also “remember?”

I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

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