“Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo” Episode 11 Stills

Remember how excited I was about the kiss still last week and it turned out to be a sleep still? Yeah, I’ve learned my lesson and will not jump into conclusions even if I get a still of a passionate kiss with tongue. Noppity nope!

It looks like our OTP will be having tons of fun at an amusement park.

Yup, I can see them holding hands. And I refuse to get excited. Nope noppity nope! I am sure it’s platonic.

There they are staring into each other’s eyes as they share a drink. I will assume this is some platonic staring contest/drinking game.

Is this right before he holds her hand (in the preview) and asks if it makes her heart flutter? Platonically, of course!

They are out with the gang! It’s a group date!

Credit: MBC


  • MC says:

    LOL!!! All I have to say is LOL!!!!

    YUP, we so learnt our lesson.
    I’m not even going to be excited about those roses cause knowing the writers it’s probably for his mom and/or picking up for someone else. 😂

  • Grake Girl says:

    No matter how “unexcited” we would like to be, don’t tell me your heart didn’t jump, even just a bit when you saw the holding hand and the drinking from 1 glass stills? HAHAHA!

  • MC says:

    I LOVE IT!!! In the sharing one drink, she looks so surprised. LOL I’m going to love the next couple of episodes 😁😂

    I just have to say, I’m so happy JH is the lead and not the second. LOL!

  • MC says:

    @clockwatcher, there\’s a new preview clip floating around in Twitter and it\’s AMAZING. (Jisoo is in it), other than that, we have a clueless BJ, jealous JH, bromance and just relatively awesomeness! Yes please!!

  • MC says:

    I don\’t think my comoment uploaded but..
    There IS another preview out their floating on Twitter and OMGAH. It\’s got everything….cutie puppy JISOO, jealous JH and bromance
    Oh and spoiler…JH confesses!!!

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