Ji Chang Wook For January 2017 Issue Of Japan’s Hanryu Pia

Ji Chang Wook, who is now everyone’s favorite action star even if he doesn’t want that (LOL), appears in the January 2017 issue of a Japanese magazine called “Hanryu Pia” – which I’m told is similar to KWave. Anytime this cutie is in a suit, we’re all over it…but why is he crying? *sniff* Check it out!

Source  |  Ji Chang Wook PH Twitter |  aozora_luv_sub Instagram


  • Christina says:

    Cause he knows MS is right around the corner. Waaaahhh.

  • Beez says:

    And cause the photographer knows it makes c the rest of v us what to make him happy.

    I hope he can embrace the career he’s fallen into by chance because we love him playing a bad-azz cutie. He can take an example from Hugh Jackman who doesn’t let his macho action image stop him from throwing on some sparkly shiny pants and continuing to perform in musicals, rom-coms, melodramas and anything else.

  • Su L. says:

    Love it! He looks great, as usual. Thanks.

  • Nurhass says:

    OMY…I miss this magazine, his fans grabbed all, sold out before release date😂😂😂😂

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