Go Ara In Bali With December Grazia

After shooting “Hwarang“, Go Ara spent some time resting in Bali and met up with Grazia magazine. She discussed working on this pre-produced historical drama and how it brought out a little bit of fear (we imagine it’s a new concept for most Kdrama workers). She also talked about how much she’s enjoying her youth right now and to de-stress – she enjoys going to karaoke or reading a book. We’re with her. Check it out!

Source  |  Grazia

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  • AlekaOnu says:

    Hi Tessiroo chingu 🙂 first time watched Ara’s acting in Who Are You? I only started to like her very much in Reply 1994. Since then she became more popular as an actress and recognised for her acting. Too bad now that she’s popular, she’s leaving SME. Her contract expires recently, is it really confirmed that she doesn’t want to renew with SME? 🙁

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