“The Legend of the Blue Sea” Episode 12 Kiss Scene

Those familiar with Lee Min Ho’s dramas know that he doesn’t hesitate to eat his costar’s face (and I say this with love) if the need arises. So I’ve been wondering what’s up with the kisses in this drama. Are they being respectful because Jun Ji Hyun is a new mom? Is this just Jun Ji Hyun’s style?

Anyway, this kiss is different! We finally have lip movement! It takes place after Sim Chung expresses her doubts about Joon Jae’s feelings for her.


Credit: ICE Beyond_MinoBoiz_ICE@YT


  • Christmas says:

    About time lee min ho!
    i was thinking what happened to you in the last 2 kisses. Not to sound shallow but you got to appreciate an actor who’s willing to make a kiss look like A kiss!
    😘 love the lipwork – and the circumstances of this one is pretty hilarious. He’s just too afraid that he’s gonna lose sleep over hearing her thoughts again and again all night! HA!

  • Patricia says:

    I’m pretty sure that’s his first kiss experience with an older, married, mom. I thought it was more than I expected given above variables. He seems to be finally relaxing around her.

  • narges says:

    hey be sure that it wasn’t hist first kiss with an older actress.you can see an earlier one in faith 2012!!!

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