Jo Jung Seok Covers January 2017 Esquire

Jo Jung Seok is on the cover of the upcoming January issue of Esquire! His cameo in “Legend Of The Blue Sea” was one of our favorite things about that drama, he rocked it. We think he looks amazing but what’s with the teddy-bear sweater? Check it out!

Source  |  Top Star News


  • Su L. says:

    Love him. His acting is phenomenal! The teddy bear is cute and a play on what Jo Jung Seok is wearing.

  • eifel says:

    he is cute, great acting, from comical, jerks, cute, bossy, elegant, he can do them all!!.. he is cute in everything he wears, his guitar playing is excellent, has very sweet voice, love him in every ways.. my fave multitalented artist!!!!

  • Dhang says:

    Super love this guy, Jo Jung Seok… He can portray all the characters assigned to him..Very versatile and effective actor..His cute expressions makes all girls swoons..,.. Not only that He is very fashionable..Jo Jung Seok..Fighting!!! <3 <3 <3

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