Hwarang Episode 5 Preview

In spite of the horrid (and I do mean HORRID) male wigs in this drama, I did manage to see today’s episode (without subs) and found it surprisingly really cute! So my second-lead syndrome vanished a tiny bit today. *heh* Although I don’t much like the idea that Ar-O thinks Moo Myung might be her brother, I am finding their interactions adorable. But when she finds out he’s NOT her brother, she’s gonna be hurt and ticked off. And it makes it that much sadder than Mak Moon died before they got to meet. *sniff* Next week is the shower scene and Queen Jiso will discover her son has joined the group of men hoping to be Hwarang – she does not look happy. Enjoy!

Some Stills

Credit: sakura2016, naver


  • ilchul says:

    she’ll be happy that she can love him but will be sad that they tricked her and that her brother actually died!! :'(
    and how funny is it that the Queen was the one who made Moo Myung join the Hwarang when he would’ve never been able to if they followed the rulees and for that she allowed the old man who’s in charge of making the Hwarang to bring a man of his choice without following the rules as well and that man was her son unknowingly to her!! hhhhhhhh she digged her grave by heer own hands!! LOL

  • Emmanuelle says:

    I love every guy who isn’t supposed to have a proper identity is called Moo Myung in k-dramas.

    I’m really surprised by this drama which so far is really good. I like the chemistry between Ah-Ro, the king and Moo Myung. Also, I was team Park Hyung Sik first but now I don’t know anymore. Both are too good!

    Last thing, I love Ah-Ro quirkiness, I hope they’ll keep her like this.


  • Jairwal says:

    wooow!! i love this drama’s cute and handsome cast and wonderful acting. It’s virtually and audiablly stunning. Hats OFFF.. to the writers, directors, editors, cast and crew of hwarang for bringing out the drama in such a beautiful and amazing way…
    I especially fell in love with Ah-ro, coz she acts all bold and tough, but when she faces real-life challenges she turns into a cry baby.0-0..
    I like both park hyung shik and park seo joon, so I am not able to set priorities.0-0

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