LOTTE Webdrama “7 First Kisses” Adds Part 2 To Each Date

Well, this is interesting. I expected the video with Lee Min Ho to be uploaded tonight but instead – a “part 2” for each date was added! I haven’t made my way through all of them yet but the ones I’ve seen are really cute. Be sure to check them all out and yes, Lee Min Ho’s will be added Sunday. I would totally be making that exact same face if I were her.

Credit: Lotte Duty Free, Naver


  • bmore says:

    No Way! Kiss them all! Makes no sense. You can’t really KNOW unless you kiss them. (I’m going with that anyway) And this totally goes against my philosophy of Having It All!

  • Ani Lee says:

    Lol! Every “near kiss” has a reason. I love it when she’s a bad ass w/ JCW though! So, I’m intrigued w Lee Min Ho’s part in this!

  • ilchul says:

    I loved the reasons behind the near kisses!! poor girl how can she chose?!! hhhhhhhhhh

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