Kim JaeJoong Released From Military Service

Wow, it seems like it was just a few months ago watching this guy tear up as he trotted off to do his 2-year mandatory military service. On December 30, Kim JaeJoong was released to thousands of fans who showed up to welcome him back, posing for pictures here and there. #WelcomeBackJaejoong was even trending for a while on Twitter so congrats to those fans who made that happen. As for me, I’m wondering what drama or movie he will choose to star in first. Welcome back!


Credit: Naver 


  • Beez says:

    Wow! He looks great. A more mature looking “Hero”.

  • bmore says:

    I cannot believe 2 years/21 months went by that fast! I’m with you…it seems like just a few months ago! Ugh. This is what being old does to you…time flies by when you have so little left! 🙁 So glad he is out and safe and sound. Junsu and T.O.P. in February. I am curious as to the real reasoning for groups not to enroll together. If they intend to continue their group, you would think they would want to minimize the time the group is separated….4 years of them being apart means the strong possibility they will not reunite. Though, I have wondered for some time if that isn’t what they want to do anyway and this is their way of easing the fans into it. All 3 of them have such different interests now and have been pursuing them rigorously for quite some time. If Big Bang does the same thing, the potential for years and years to pass before they are all together again seems daunting…and depressing.

  • Ani Lee says:

    Oh my! He looks so good in those fatigues!

  • Teleri says:

    Oh SOOOO glad that he’s finished! Welcome back JJ! Cannot wait for his first project 😀

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