tvN Variety Show: Newlyweds Diary (Honeymoon Diary)

Happy New Year!! I’m starting to feel the vibe of 2017. Here is one amongst plenty of shows I’m definitely looking forward to watch.

Before 2016 ended, tvN and the genius Na Young Seok PD gave a teaser for its newest variety show. The first episode will be aired on February 3. More than one month to go and I am eager to see how this concept will come about. It’s nothing new, really. However, Na PD is behind the lens and I expect nothing but awe-standing entertainment.

Watch the teaser!

I’ve known Ku Hye Sun since 2009. Watching her in this teaser is not surprising. LOL. Hye Sun is a choding at heart. Choding (초딩) is a Korean term for “elementary school kid.” Nothing close can best describe Hye Sun than that. She is a multi-hyphenate Hallyu Star, but Hye Sun is more than the many titles appearing next to her name.

Now what really intrigues me more is Ahn Jae Hyun. I’ve only seen him in Blood and Cinderella and the Four Knights. He has worked with PD Na in two seasons of New Journey to the West. Surely he’s already comfortable having Na PD’s crew follow him around. But how about Hye Sun? I was surprised she even said yes and filmed this! But then again, who will refuse to be under the mighty hands of Na PD? I guess, no one.

This is an exciting variety show. Based on the teaser alone, I can feel the life of a newlywed couple that was truly captured. It’s not always sweet, most of the time it is mixed with unexpected twist of events that only makes the marriage challenging yet fulfilling. Marriage is a commitment of a lifetime. I love how AhnGoo shows who they are without the cloak of their celebrity status. This is going to be so real, we’d even see Hye Sun in a different light. Or should I say farewell to her innocent beauty for good?! LOL.

I know the year just started and yet I’m already anxiously waiting for February! Haha.

A bientôt!




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