“Goblin” Episode 11 Preview W/Eng Subs And Week 5 Thoughts

Finally! I’m not likin’ the way tvN doesn’t release the preview until Wednesdays but we’ll just go with it. Last week, Grim Reaper told Goblin that he thought Sunny might be the reincarnation of his little sister, the Queen. We also got a bit of cute, lovie-doviness from our OTP and we got much more of the Joseon story but I honestly don’t believe anyone was surprised at what we learned. I do have to admit I find the Joseon story very intriguing and sometimes wish it was a whole drama by itself. (LOL) For the young King to force his newlywed wife to choose between him or her beloved brother is beyond cruel, it’s horrifying and I’m kind of hoping Eunuch Park is NOT in the current timeline – what a weasel.

It looks like this week, Goblin will rush to see Sunny believing her to be his baby sister but…how to express joy at seeing her without letting the cat out of the bag about who both he and Grim Reaper are? And I don’t like the image of the old woman/hot lady in red hugging Eun Tak but only because it scares me, I can’t wait for Friday. Enjoy!

Text Translation For Episode 11 Preview:

Finally, the Goblin frantically rushes to see Sunny upon discovering that she is his younger sister in her past life. Sunny thinks that the Goblin is behaving peculiarly.

Again, in the face of Eun Tak flying headlong into danger, the Goblin decides to reveal the fate of the Goblin’s bride, who will die if she does not pull out the sword.

Week 5 Favorite Moments:

Credit: Uploader, @faith2 Soompi forums for translation


  • Khaiz says:

    I think the “no preview between week” is because they don’t have enough material to do so since, I believe, the drama is already live shooting.

  • Sully says:

    I’m pretty sure that Eunuch Park IS in this timeline but he is Duk-Hwa’s grandfather’s secretary. The same actor that plays Eunuch Park plays Secretary Kim. And in last weeks episode they hinted they hinted that Kim Shin helped out of a bad situation when he was young so he would grow up as a good human being and not evil like in his past life.

    • Kimchi says:

      No, i heard in other sites that they hire two diff actors who looked a like

    • tessieroo says:

      Not the same actor at all – Eunuch Park is played by Kim Byung Chul while Secretary Kim is played by Jo Woo Jin, it’s on AsianWiki. They do look alike (a lot!) but they’re not the same guy.

      But yes, I do remember the hint that Kim Shin helped out Secretary Kim so he would grow up as a good person.

  • Jen_Cam says:

    I love a show that can make fun of itself. The tunnel/happy new year shot was hilarious.

  • M.J. says:

    The story of the Grim reaper and Sunny/the queen, is just so riveting !!! I am now trying desperately to find a site where there is an English subtitle to ep 11. Non at Dramanice or Dramacool at this time. Oh! Help!

  • Jen_Cam says:

    Can anyone tell me the song that is playing when the lady in red gives Eun a hug? I have been trying to find out what it is.

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