Multitasker Song Yoon Ah For January Women’s Central

Song Yoon Ah, stand-out star of “The K2” gave a rare interview with Women’s Central for their upcoming January issue. She spoke of not doing interviews or photo shoots (unless she has a project to promote) and being away from the business for a long time (marriage & children), she saw a lot of scripts before accepting the role of Choi Yoo Jin.

She also thinks the way she interrepted the role might be different from the way others would have read the script, which she noticed especially after watching the drama episodes herself. And she adorably mentioned how, even while shooting some of the most intense scenes, her mind was clouded with thoughts of her child: did he get to kindergarten? did he not fight with anyone? How cute is that! We think she’s amazing, check it out!

Source  |  Woman Central

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