“Goblin” Episode 12 Ending W/Eng Subs And Week 6 Thoughts

This week, creepy Eunuch Park made more than one appearance and I’m still finding the Goryeo backstory fascinating and heartbreaking – I sincerely wish it were a Kdrama all on it’s own. (LOL) We got a few cute moments with our Goblin & his bride but the majority of the story seemed to focus on Sunny being Goblin’s sister and then eventually learning Grim Reaper is the reincarnation of the King who ordered our Goblin (and his sister) to be murdered. So this King murdered the woman he loved? *slapshimupsidehishead*

I also know Goblin has reason to hate this King but…he knows it was Eunuch Park’s influence that made things happen the way they did so I’m not sure why his anger is so focused on Grim Reaper right now and hope he snaps out of it fast. I’m not sure what’s up with Duk Hwa except to say I no longer believe he might be a deity but I do believe he was possessed during the bar scene – I’m just not sure by what! I loved the way the others gathered around to comfort him when his Grandpa died, that was adorable.

I can’t wait for next week!

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  • martha says:

    Looks like he lost his mind because of the guilt. Poor Reaper.

  • bmore says:

    (Sorry…I blathered on…I am soooo consumed by this drama!)

    Poor Heartbroken King/Grim. The King grew up terrified of the people attempting to use or kill him. Scholar (not a eunuch according to several native language translators in various comments) Park used this opportunity to manipulate a small child, grown to adult, by warping his mind using fear and ‘kindness’. The Child-man believed him to be his only friend and protection from the forces that tried to use him. Imagine as this lonely boy/man/king finds his first unmitigated joy in this beautiful, happy woman as the 2 fall in love. Imagine how torn he was inside as Park used his power to manipulate the king into believing she was using him and his love (as I’m sure he did with anyone who tried to get close to the king, ensuring his sole control). Imagine also how he felt as the woman he loved tried to pry this one person who had always been his ‘protector’ away from him. I think one part of his mind was certainly warring with who to believe and then the decisions he felt he had to make. He tried to first appease Park by ‘telling’ Kim Shin to ‘die’ on his latest battlefield, thinking perhaps he could save his Queen…praying she and Kim would understand the choice he was making. Imagine his fear and anger when both of them chose to stand up against the evil surrounding him, and against his decision. Worst of all….imagine how he lived in the years after he killed the woman he loved and a man he admired. All those long years alone, tortured. NO …absolutely NO interest in watching such a horrific drama because it will end so hopelessly it would kill me!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much better that we get to see this version. The resolution of all that tragedy finally playing out 900+ years later.

    This version of a merciless God is interesting. There is human CHOICE playing out also. Goblin and Reaper are living out new lives making amends for their sins. When did Reaper ‘drink the tea’. (finding an interesting parallel there to drinking the kool-aid) to forget his past life and the agony of it? Did he first choose to spend 600 years wandering the world as a tortured ghost/soul as his hell for his sins, or did God send him there? Did God give him a choice when he died of forgetting and becoming a Reaper and his choice was to turn it down and retain his memories as a sort of self inflicted penance? Did he then, finally choose to drink the tea 300 years ago and became a Reaper, forgetting all that went before? Is being a Reaper a different form of penance? Perhaps the Purgatory of Christian belief? Where you atone for your sins after living in the hell of the ghost world where you see all and have to search for and find a Ghost Seer to help you move on to the next level?

    And Goblin…now becoming an immensely powerful entity who has attained the level of a god. As his years have gone on how much of his time has he spent in his melancholy isolation…. spending hours (days? weeks? months?) in stasis, watching the world move on, refusing contact with anyone but his closest advisors and protectors? Closing off feelings and emotions to protect himself from the loneliness and the anger that can consume him and that he fears will overwhelm him? How many lives has he changed during that time in his attempt to make amends for his sins in the deaths of thousands? Why was he raised from the dead and allowed a body that does not age for 900 years?

    Also, Goblin is not the one who can ‘kill’ Scholar Park because the one Scholar Park most sinned against was not Kim Shin and his sister, but our Lonely King. Reaper must be the one to bring Park to his final hell or salvation. There is a saying that the longer evil ghosts live, the more evil and ugly they become…is there any salvation for these souls? Are those who lived their lives creating the worst of the evil in our world doomed to wander the spirit world always? What kind of punishment is that if they never repent but continue to revel in their evilness? Or is it that this is what happens to those irredeemably evil people…they will continue for an eternity to wander thus?

    There are so many questions about this world this writer has created and these are just a FEW I have. I haven’t even gotten into the cultural and linguistic questions I have…and those questions just address the cultural and linguistic things I’ve noticed…not the ones I’ve totally missed or am unaware of!! Some would argue that she should have created a script that addressed all these and the other questions that have arisen. But the best writers also create a world of imagination for us in which we are not spoon fed all the answers but create our own and new questions that go with them. There would never be enough time to address everything without destroying the beauty of what is already being give to us (imho). This drama is a writer’s drama and stands (script wise) with some of the best fantasy sci fi I have ever read. I love every minute, as do both of my sci fi friends who are watching. I would be in heaven if she wrote a book. And pray I didn’t die before a translated version came out!!! 😉 While I want more, what better compliment for a show than to leave us wanting more while still giving us resolution….as I am sure our 4 main characters will have resolution at the end of this.

  • Beez says:

    Goblin has conflicted feelings toward The King as we can see by his strong emotion when he commands Evil Eunuch Ghost not to say the name Wang Yeo. He may hate Wang Yeo for killing his sister and for being too dumb to see his advisor’s true intentions/ manipulations that caused him to kill his love and his loyal general, but there’s a part of him that’s sympathetic to the young pathetic king as well. At least that’s how I read into it.

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