INTROVERTED BOSS: 7 minute long preview!

I’m just going to quickly drop this one off! Come and take a seat coz this one is sooo good!

Reality vs Expectations. I am anxiously waiting to see how this story will hone that thought!

It’s obvious that most of the supporting cast in Oh Hae Young Again are here. What a delight! At one point I was driven to think Eric Mun and Seo Hyun Jin might appear anytime soon. LOL. Well, it wouldn’t hurt if they do a cameo together, right? Song PDnim, is that too much to ask??

Anyhow, I’m glad to say Monday will be crazy beautiful again. Set your alarm on January 16, Monday at 11 PM KST.


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  • paloma says:

    I usually stay away from the long previews (like many of you I’m sure I find them to often either be misleading or set expectations that later aren’t met) but I’m glad I watched this bc I wasn’t sure about my intentions to give it a try but now I def will!

    And just pray to the Kdrama gods that my fears aren’t realized lol!

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