MUSIC CURRENTLY: Oddly beautiful mix

The songs on my playlist is always a mix of something old and something new. Let me share what I’ve been playing on repeat lately.

Happy listening!

a. Standing Egg: 여름밤에 우린 (Summer Night You And I)

Since this song was released, it became a resident of my playlist. When it was made as a background music in Three Meals a Day Fishing Village Season 3, my heart couldn’t contain itself. I really love it when I recognise my favourite songs! Simple happiness.

b. Akdong Musician: 오랜 날 오랜 밤 (Last Goodbye)

I always feature their songs, so its obvious that I enjoy listening to them. However, I didn’t like how mainstream their music has become lately. To each his own. I prefer the Lee siblings when they simply have their guitar and play something relaxing to the ear. This song is the kind of music I love for them to continue singing for a very long time.

c. D.ear: Love U

I have to blame and thank Park Bo Gum for this wonderful discovery. When I heard Forget You, I knew I had to hear the whole song! Lo and behold, the R & B singer D.Ear (Lee Hyeong Seok) sang the original and I’m in love. I started to listen more songs from him. And I think I wasn’t able to get away from then, the sound of a piano is my weakness and most of his songs have it as the main instrument.

In his first full length album Love Graphy, Love U is my favourite. Here is the English translation of the lyrics courtesy of Princess of Tea.

Well, how am I going to convey these words? What should I do?
It might be nice if I can tell it through my expression
More than being deep with impressive words
I would like to convey my sincerity fully

This wish, this excitement
If I open my eyes, as if I disappear
Today is just for you, I want to let you know about my heart

So I love you
So much love you
From the first time it was always like that
Closed, stopped, the person who opens my heart is you, love you

While watching melodrama all night, I memorize hundreds of cool phrases
Actually, in front of your eyes I become a fool,
But my thought goes blank

It’s just the thoughts in my mind
Everyday I only think about you
The word is always whirling in my heart
The word I want to say everyday

So I love you
So much love you
From the first time it was always like that
Closed, stopped, the person who opens my heart is you, love you

d. 10cm: 길어야 5분 (That 5 minutes)

I am a fan of 10cm since, forever! I have featured their music in some of my recaps. I just love them. Listening to them I discovered that sometimes two is better than a band. Basically, 10cm can some up the type of music I listen to. Laid back, relaxing and soothing to the ears. During long drives, this is enough for me.

e. Nell: Dream Catcher & Vain Hope

The latest album of Nell entitled C represents the band’s musical aesthetic that can surpass any generation. I highly recommend the songs Day after Day, Horizon of Time, One of These Days, Sing For Me and Vain Hope. Please try to listen to the whole album and find your own favourite!

I guarantee, this kind of eargasm is not to be found elsewhere. Enjoy the two official music videos they’ve released!

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  • martha says:

    Nell’s whole album is wonderful! I love nearly every song but One of These Days and Vain Hope are my favs. 10cm is a long time love of mine too. He has such a sweet voice and the music is always loaded with emotions without being sappy.

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