Quick Thoughts on “Naked Fireman” + Episode 2 Preview

I decided to try KBS’s Naked Fireman because it’s a short drama and the premise made me laugh.

From AsianWiki:

Kang Chul-Soo (Lee Joon-Hyuk) is an enthusiastic fireman. He poses as a nude model to make money for his sick friend. He is then targeted as the criminal of an arson-murder case that took place 10 years. Kang Chul-Soo and mysterious heiress Han Jin-A (Jung In-Sun) try to find the real culprit.

Some comedy(?), some raunchiness, a mystery and a possible romance in four short episodes. This is totally right up my alley!

I saw the first episode and in true Korean drama fashion, it’s PG-rated with no raunchiness. Drats! I should have known better. It’s not like it’s on tvN, anyway.

That aside, I thought the first episode was pretty alright. We’ve got an amnesiac heiress who undergoes hypnosis to remember details of the night of her parents’ murder in order to catch the culprit.  She recalls a scar on his back then  auditions nude models with scars on their backs to find him. It’s pretty smart because she sets the pay at $10K to cast a wide net.

Kang Chul Soo is a firefighter who applies for the job in order to pay for his friend’s surgery. And as these things happen, his scar is a match!

Is he the killer? He assumed his criminal friend’s identity because posing nude is a fireable offense for a firefighter. Too bad no one told him that he’d only have to take off his shirt because now, the heiress and her cop friend (who really wants to get into her pants) think he’s a dangerous man.

And his criminal friend, Sung Jin, and the heiress’s aunt conspire to get him the job in order to get the heiress out of her house long enough for them to rob her.

Episode 1 ended with Chul Soo catching Jin Ah ransacking Sung Jin’s home. She thinks it’s his and is looking for the murder weapon.

Right now, all fingers point to Sung Jin who has quite the rap sheet. It looks like both boys were present at the murder scene 10 years ago. Chul Soo is obviously innocent but is Sung Jin the culprit? It’s true that there are only four episodes but would they reveal the killer in the very first episode?

Meanwhile, we get to enjoy the romcon-esque relationship between the leads where she draws his topless body to keep the “killer” close. Will she spend the next three episodes fighting her attraction to the man she suspects killed her family? Or is this just my wishful thinking? Yep, I wouldn’t mind a little dose of romance in this drama.

Credit to the uploader, AsianWiki


  • Luckily, no reveal except to the victim is necessary. I find it cute and entertaining, the comedic side surprised me because of the subject matter so I was surprised to laugh when I did. Can’t wait for ep 2-3!

  • shamrockmom says:

    “It’s not like it’s on tvN anyway” *giggle* Cue flashback to the shower scene in “The K2”. Now that’s some wishful thinking that brightens up my day! What a pity that posing nude is a fireable offense for a firefighter.
    Thanks for the quick review of this show. Will check it out regardless of the network.

  • Star says:

    Thank you for this. I will wait until it finish and end it on one go. Now I am more interested to watch short drama. Quick gateway to refresh my mind then go back to work after it ends. I welcome any recommendation, hehe.

  • Table122000 says:

    I guess the title really should have been “Half-Naked Fireman”. 🙂 It sounds interesting, though-thanks for posting about it.

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