Hwarang Episode 10 Preview

I believe Aro was kidnapped at the end of the episode today and the EVIL Queen orders her killed. In this preview, it appears Soo Ho seriously wants to hurt Ban Ryu if he doesn’t stay away from his sister but I’m not sure if he ever figured out what happened between them last week – when Soo Yeon grabbed Ban Ryu’s butt. (LOL) And a major showdown is coming between our incognito Prince and his EVIL mother, in the preview – she calls him by his name but he corrects her: he is the King. The shocked look on her face is priceless, can’t wait for that. Enjoy!

Credit: Uploader


  • AlekaOnu says:

    Annyeong Tessieroo chingu 🙂 thanks for sharing the preview. After K2, I found a new fave drama and that’s Hwarang. Beginning to like Park Hyung Sik more and more due to his portrayal of the King. I have second lead Symptom for this drama.

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