Nam Joo Hyuk For Top Star News

Speaking with Top Star News, Nam Joo Hyuk told viewers he got into acting because of an opportunity, not really because he was pursuing it. When asked to name a role model, he said there were too many great actors in Korea but mentioned English actor Eddie Redmayne whom he follows. He was very surprised to see fans rushing to watch he and co-star Lee Sung Kyung’s filming for “Weighlifting Fair Kim Bok Joo” and never expected to win the “Newcomer” award at the MBC 2016 awards show, he believes Ryo Joon Yeol was much more active and thought he was the only real candidate. We already miss his character, Joon Hyung and hope he continues to improve, explore and take advantage of that opportunity given to him. Check it out!

Source  |  Top Star News

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