Final Thoughts on “We Married as a Job”

It ended.

I don’t know if I can call this drama a romance. Sure, it’s about two people who end up in a romantic relationship but there was so much emphasis on the job aspect of it, right down to the end where they made negotiations that a part of me feels they sucked the romance (that magical aspect) out of it.

It undoubtedly explores relationships. The final episodes were about compromises and expectations in relationships and while it was realistic and well-thought-out and essentially was about not making the “job” the purpose of their marriage, I wanted more romance. Maybe it was too much to ask because the drama was never really about a giddy romance but about two people finding enough confidence in themselves to feel confident about someone else.

Regardless, perhaps my need for tension and a traditional romance eventually made me care more about if/how Yuri and Kazami would get together.

Speaking of which, I wanted to shake Yuri out of her age inferiority complex and tell her to stop using their 17-year age gap as an excuse to push him away but I honestly don’t know if I could ever date someone that much younger. So I kind of understood her hesitation. Anyway, it’s Dramaland and I’m glad it all worked out in the end. And how awesome is it that you can’t really see the 11-year age difference between the actors? Yuriko Ishida (Yuri) sure is a beautiful woman.

And now that I’ve approved of Yuri and Kazami, I guess I can’t make any negative comments about Numata and his Grindr date. I liked the twist that it was a different Yuri he was texting.

Anyway, unromantic romance aside, I liked the final game show where they revealed possible paths in their relationship. We got to see the OTP in wedding attire and with 5 kids. FIVE kids? Is Hiramasa up to the task? Perhaps, given that he’s negotiating kisses and scheduled sex. LOL

While Hiramasa is absolutely not my type (I don’t have the required patience for such a clueless man), I’m glad that he ended his 35 years of pro-bachelorhood and found love. I’m also glad that Mikuri is slowly forging a career path and has learned that her opinions and suggestions can be welcome in a professional setting.

Till next time.

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