Goblin Episode 14 Preview

I can tell some time has passed because her hair is shorter but not a clue how much time. How heartbreaking that she’s still thinking of blowing out candles to call her Goblin! This preview just makes me weepy but I hope it’s not as horribly sad as the ending for last week was – that was just painful. Can’t wait for Friday!


  • LizJ says:

    9 years, perhaps?

    The written preview is out too, and between that and the video preview, it pretty much confirmed my theory about what happens next.

  • Noor says:

    My eyes could not hold the tears when I saw the 13th episode! I wish for some lighter moments in 14th one! I trust the writer for happy ending (even Grim Reaper is a fan of happy ending!)

  • Erine says:

    Kim Go-eun is such a talented actress! I adore her. I can really feel the pain or the joy in her acting. Her cry towards the end of Episode 13 was so pure that my heart ached. (*tears*) I can’t wait to watch Episode 14 – 16.
    Thumbs up!

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