“Hwarang” Episode 11 Preview + OTP Kiss

I’m super behind so I can’t comment much but what I do know is that the OTP ship sailed! Yes, Aro and her “brother” kissed!

You can watch it at the end of this clip:

Tess will be posting her thoughts about this week’s episodes in the near future so be sure to check it out.

Here’s the preview for the next episode:

Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim has ended so I expect the ratings to rise next week. Fighting, Hwarang!

Credit: Uploader, KBS


  • Gem says:

    So in alternate universe, this is Assassin Princess: Silla style. Not that I mind, she is by far a refreshing edition and I love her Sageuk Pronunication, Seo Ye Ji has always had a deep voice but it certainly helps with historical dramas a bit more.

  • Junni says:

    I think the Princess likes Dog Bird!! ..i think she will disobey the queen ….the king and dog bird really protect Ara…

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