Presenting the Doldam Hospital Superheroes! #Squad goals

Now I understand why we are fascinated by them. They are not just present to “save the day”, one life at a time. But more importantly, they inspire us to become extraordinary, no matter what we do or who we are. Being a hero doesn’t literally mean there is a saved life. Maybe we can start by helping an elder with his belongings, next time we cross the street. Simple things can have big impact. Every character that was touched by Master Kim’s mighty hands received a changed life. It was wonderful to witness everyones growth into becoming the best version of themselves.

I felt bad not to have something to write weekly though I kept on watching. I really enjoyed every episode. Allow me to make it up to you, Show!

Here’s my tribute for the team! How I wish I could work in a Hospital with the same staff.

Scene Stealers: Each episode have scenes that captivated me, these are personal favourites from Week 4 until the finale that I don’t want to forget.

Doldam vs Geodae.

It’s clear, who belongs to the dark side. Check out the light!

The transferred staff from Geodae is no match from the bad-a*s homegrown talents from Doldam. If you ask me, I’d prefer one Doctor Kim than 10 more Doctors from Geodae.

Precious little girl

This scene filled a bucket of tears from me! Master Kim’s heart is golden! He was willing to operate and help the little girl for free. Aww. *cue tears*

Doctor Kim is a skilled surgeon, and to put it bluntly his worth every surgery would reach to millions. But he would gladly disregard his gain for other people’s sake. A truly remarkable man can do wonders!

Keeping you warm


The moment Dong Joo, oh-so-slowly, allowed his fingers to linger on, before he held Seo Jung’s hand completely. Aww. I’m dead, people.

Drunken Style

Who is a fan of this drunk confession? I’m not, Seo Jung feels the same. That’s why Dong Joo got a kick on his shin! LOL. Still the Barley Tea couple managed to make this scene the cutest.

At this point I asked myself if I’m the only one anticipating for the third time Dong Joo is going to ask the same question to Seo Jung. He previously warned that he will confess his feelings three times, this was his second attempt. But what made this scene special? Dong Joo’s mother saw everything. LOL. I think this scene needs no further explanation. Sometimes too much liquid courage is not advisable.

Under the mistletoe

This couple surely knows the proper way to do this.

Dong Joo and Seo Jung makes every scene they have worth remembering. From the warm hug they shared until their hearts reunited again with this kiss. I must admit the first kiss scene had me at hello. But this one? Completes me.

A son unlike the Father

Aww, look at those eyes glistening with tears. In Bum makes his way to my heart in this episode. 

When he was inside the office of Doctor Kim, I saw how he was badly hurt hearing the words uttered to him. During this time, there is nothing worse than to be a disappointment. His teary eyes spoke of pain bursting to come out but kept within. I felt the piercing throb even as he walk out of the room. Sometimes, lessons are learned the hard way, In Bum got a healthy dose of that.

Surely In Bum has a long way to go from here. But all I can see are possibilities, and I will dwell on that. He wanted to prove to everyone that he is a great Son and Doctor, but the method he’s using is ineffective. You cannot fool all the people. I mean, whenever he boasts that he had an experience of performing a specific surgical procedure which is a lie, he just made a fool out of himself. It is a proof that he presented himself, its like digging his own grave.


Honestly, I really would love to give this to President Do and Master Kim. Maybe later. For now let me give way to a blossoming partnership instead.

We know that In Bum agreed to help in Chairman Shin’s surgery on his own accord. He will be replacing the batteries & help Dong Joo make the surgery time reach its targeted hour. Prior to that surgery, Dong Joo and In Bum had a warm-up operation, or so I’d like to call it. I’m really glad that this happened. Not only did we see a side-by-side surgery, or saw how fast Dong Joo’s skill have improved, but we saw two men making the decision to help each other. Indeed, two is better than one.


It’s Manager Jang’s time to shine! I’m glad he chose the right side to fight with. All thanks to Nurse Oh for the inspiration!

Doldam is still on the lead winning most rounds in the battle! This time, the line of defence Manager Jang built to protect Doldam was feisty! I can’t believe that Manager Jang had the tenacity to butt heads with Doctor Song. LOL. He was close enough for a TKO. Good thing he was saved by the bell, aka Master Kim. Or else, we’d see Manager Jang as a patient too.

Doldam Squad

Who cheered for them as they walked inside the lobby at Geodae? ME!!

Finally, the person who encourages everyone to step-up and be brave did the same. The mentor has his own lesson to learn, and what better way to take courage but to face cowardice! At long last, President Do heard a resounding truth to knock him off his high horse. The fight didn’t end with both unscathed, coz they are meant to get hurt. But clearly we understand its purpose.

Two peas in a different pod

I will give the last memorable scene to Teacher Kim and President Do.

When the two men sat down, far apart with a different seat, it had me smiling. Those who manages to smile even to the people who have hurt you, is such a beautiful ending.

I love that Teacher Kim didn’t choose revenge or do whatever scheme to put down President Do. Seeing him rot in jail or letting him suffer, even if he deserves it, isn’t the solution. I think what show tried to convey is for President Do to finally come to terms and realise what he has been doing wrong all this time for the sake of his greed. You cannot forever cover up something bad by doing something good. When he knelt down and indirectly confess to Chairman Shin, it showed me humility in an unconventional way. President Do realised that he dug his own grave when Chairman Shin told him the truth. I was glad to see his plan backfired right in front of him. I’d accept that as the beginning, hoping that it will lead to something better.

Personal Thoughts:

RDTK truly deserves to get the coveted 20% ++ viewer ratings. The show even managed to surpass ratings high weekly. Daebak! *warm applause with standing ovation*

This show knows how to grip my heart tightly. I’m rooting for everyone here, including President Do. Yes, you read it right! As much as I’m watching President Do with gritted teeth every time he appears, its undeniable that he is part of the reason why RDTK was a compelling drama. Together with Han Suk KyuChoi Jin Ho‘s acting prowess was made effective to create the tensed atmosphere I gladly anticipated for every week.

President Do showed me the kind of person I don’t want to be. I still don’t get how a person’s happiness could be based on another person’s downfall. What a heart of steel! I mean, how can he take credit for something he didn’t do? Or blame someone who is innocent? President Do’s eagerness to make Teacher Kim’s professional life a living hell is unfathomable. Though I was intrigued to find out the root cause on why he is determined to make Teacher Kim suffer using all means possible. There must be something that went terribly wrong in the past to create this kind of vendetta. So I thought.

But to put it simply, they are two very different man that have two distinct ideals and belief. They will never be on the same page. I think the show meant for us to see these two different sides. Sometimes, in order to appreciate beauty, we have to notice the ugly. Show didn’t simply let us know who is the right person nor the wrong one. Show allowed us to learn what is the best that is needed to be done in every situation life throws at the characters involve. The decision we make helps shape us. We should be very vigilant especially with our own emotions. It can sometimes betray our better judgement.

I love Teacher Kim’s method of teaching. You are presented with choices. You make a stern decision. Then you take full responsibility, no matter the turn out. The best part, he will be on stand-by throughout the process in case his students will need help. Master Kim witnessed amazing growth, until the time he saw that they can handle their own surgeries confidently.

Seo Jung and Dong Joo are a delightful pairing. To say they had a sizzling chemistry would be an understatement. They are beyond adorable on screen! Yoo Yeon Seok will always have my heart. I’m glad Seo Hyun Jin met him in this production. She welcomed a different shade of love that made me yearn to experience. The sprinkle of sweetness every episode is something that I anticipated. I will surely miss it, too.

Dong Joo is the type of man who isn’t afraid to speak his mind or show what his heart feels. His aggressive approach to loving Seo Jung came out naturally, coz that’s the kind of man he is. For someone like Seo Jung who built a protective wall around her heart, she needs a strong man to break that! Hence, Dong Joo had to push himself to breakdown her wall. With that he successfully gained her heart. Well, he doesn’t give her many options but to give in, and simply collapse in his arms. Dong Joo opened my heart too. I never thought hearing “Saranghae-yo” several times can still sound as sweet. I have no further complains.

In the crazy world they are in, I’m glad they found each other to brighten up their hearts. Love made a difference once again.

I’d like to make myself better, with my philosophy and belief. – Kim Sa Bu

Amidst all the great cast it is Han Suk Kyu who took command and made this show beyond remarkable.

To be under Kim Sa Bu’s leadership is an experience like no other. I think it is because of this that Dong Joo, Seo Jung, In Beom and the others all decided to work with him. They are a witness of a man living his life for others. Teacher Kim also had to sacrifice his own desires, but he willingly let go of that for the sake of those who needs him most. Who are they? Every patient that needed a Doctor. Teacher Kim made his staff matter to him coz he would’t be able to work wonders without them. I would love to work with someone like him too! I think we need more Kim Sa Bu in this world.

Do you know what the hardest thing in this world is? It’s to overcome yourself. – Kim Sa Bu

Well said.

I hope everyone of us gets to have someone like Teacher Kim. A person who is going to tell you, “It’s alright to make mistakes. It’s okay. Just FOCUS. Figure it out and you can make things right again.” All of us are experiencing our own emergency cases were things are traumatic, bloody, crazy painful and unbearable. Such is life. But choose your battle wisely. Moreso, choose not only the best teammates but those with the best of hearts. It’s always great to be in a battle with few but trusted people on your side. Win or lose, you can still happily celebrate!

Don’t forget to smile, always. Even though it is difficult, make people wonder why you still do.

Until next time!


  • Adal says:

    Great review!

  • smilingalways says:

    I loved your recap of the whole series that is RDTK.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful descriptions–I was able to relive the scenes of RDTK once again even though it ended. 🙂

  • Kathy says:

    I just finished watching this drama and reading your recap warms my heart, especially the last paragraph. It really resonated with me. You definitely have a way with words 🙂 This drama was possibly one of the best dramas I’ve watched thus far and I’m so glad that I stumbled upon it.

  • Prime says:

    I love this series but I’m so upset that a lot of details are totally missing.

    What is the thing that Chairman is hiding that he should tell Kim Sa Bu after the operation?

    To whom did Mr.Jang gave the Christmas gift he bought yet didn’t shown to who he gave it but he said that he his love life is a fail.

    Did do in boem and the new 1st year GS get together?

    What happened to the trauma center?

    What happened to President Do?

    TIA if you’ll answer my questions.

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