A Few Words on “Missing Nine”+ Episode 3 Preview

I watched the first two episodes of Missing Nine and thought they were alright. It’s still early days so my verdict is pending.

I thought the tension leading up to the crash was built well and felt a little bad for finding their reactions to their plane crashing a little humorous. Was it supposed to be or am I just plain evil? Those scenes also did a good job setting up the present and past relationships between the main cast.

It’s obvious that Ji Ah and Tae Ho are hooking up (casually) and I’m already rooting for her to return her ex-manager’s feelings.

The drama is about an entertainment agency’s private jet crashing on an uninhabited island in China. The story begins when a passenger, Ra Bong Hee (Baek Jin Hee) is found alive four months after the plane went missing. It was her first flight and first time meeting her employer, failed idol Seo Joon Oh (Jung Kyung Ho). It’s a public relations nightmare and the authorities are very interested in learning what happened and also hiding her amnesia from the public. The story is told as her memories return.

The first half of the second episode was about the pair doing their best to survive but as time goes on, they realize that some of the other passengers are also alive.

What I liked about their private time together was that there was no hint of a romance developing between them. He’s a brat who probably can’t tie his own shoelaces so I find it realistic that their alone time didn’t suddenly make her fall in love. Plus the moron kept threatening to fire her. I dare a fool to threaten me when we’re both stranded on an island and I’m the reason he even has food to eat.

Anyway, she began to notice his more human side when she watched him care for his dongsaeng after they found him.

The drama took on a darker turn when it was revealed that one of the passengers/island inhabitants later gets murdered. I wonder what that’s about and already feel bad for the brother who later identifies the body.

I knew that other passengers were alive and kept waiting for them to show up but now that they have, I’m already missing watching only the future OTP (well, I’m assuming they’ll be the OTP). Who is So Hee’s brother? Who sent the gangsters after Bong Hee? Who is the label head talking to?

All will be revealed next week.

Credit: MBC

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