“Goblin” Now Holds The Record For Highest-Rated tvN Drama

The ratings are in and Goblin, Grim Reaper, Sunny, Eun Tak and Deok Hwa have done it!

Love or hate her but Kim Eun Sook has once again proven that she understands the Korean audience and knows how to keep them glued to their television screens.

The series ended its run with two episodes on January 21st with the finale achieving 20.5% ratings. The previous tvN record holder was 2015/2016 drama Reply 1988 with a finale of 18.8%. But not to worry, Reply fans. I bet the production will make sure Reply 2073 (because why not?) fights hard to bring the title back home.

For now, Goblin fans can celebrate snatching Reply‘s crown.

Credit: Busan.com


  • Carla Perez says:

    this is wrong, Reply 1988 still holds the highest tvN rating, final episode rating of R88 based on AGB is 18.83% while Goblin Final Ep is 18.68% 🙄

  • Cidorta says:

    Watching Goblin was a Rollercoaster of emotions specially the last 30 minutes, the end was a bitter sweet one, did I like it? At the beginning no but now I’m okay with it. If I was the writer would I had a different ending most likely as drama was not based on a real story but fiction/fantasy plot. I would had a different ending for KS and ET no for WY and Sunny their ending was perfect. The only reason why I would had changed KS and ET is because it felt that KS pay a huge price for not going with god when he died, he is immortal meanwhile ET was mortal so he will always see her die in every reincarnation. Basically he will always be alone for eternity. Only having a few moments of happiness.

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