“Hwarang” Episode 12 Preview + Park Hyung Sik OST

I’ve seen bits & pieces of today’s episode but will patiently wait until I can see the whole thing with subs. I do know that the bromance between our incognito Prince and Sun Woo is growing which fills me with joy. *hee* But we all know that won’t last once Maek Jong finds out Sun Woo is not really Aro’s brother and they’re in love. *sigh* It’s revolting the way EVIL Queen tried to have Princess Sook Myung murder Aro especially when it’s kinda clear the Princess likes Sun Woo. Yea…killing his beloved might not be the way to try and win his heart. But how hilarious was Soo Ho talking about his crush on EVIL Queen right in front of her son? Ahahahaha!

In this preview, it appears Sun Woo has a confrontation with the Princess but I’m not sure he knows she’s the one who tried to kill Aro. Poor Soo Ho is caught in the EVIL Queen’s web when she asks him to do something for her. UGH, I hope he eventually figures out she’s using him. And Sun Woo is chosen to fight his mentor to the death? Not good! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

A new Hwarang OST song was released featuring Park Hyung Sik singing “I’ll Be Here”. He does have a lovely voice.

Credit: @gwkzz Soompi Forums, Uploader


  • martha says:

    He does have a lovely voice and he looks so good in costume.

  • deska says:

    couldn’t agree more.. i love ep 11
    but sadly there is no seo yeon and banryu moment in ep 11..
    can’t wait to see next ep.. i hope an happy ending for ji dwi.. i become hyung sik fans hehehe

  • Diana says:

    Someone take a scissors and cut Park Hyun Shik’s hair a bit so we can see his beautiful eyes. I thought that the thick fringes covering the eyes were already outdated and the trend now was more the parted hair….Awww, love him anyway, he has a beautiful voice and is a charming human being, haha!! So good that we will have him soon as the lead in the drama with Park Bo Young 🙂

  • JUNNI says:



  • JUNNI says:

    Go Dog bird!!!! 🙂 we are Excited for episode 15

    From Boracay,Philippines !!!

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