OCN’S “Voice” To Be Postponed For A Week ( + Quick Thoughts on Last Week’s Episodes)

OCN has decided to hold off on the next two episodes of Voice for the Lunar New Year celebrations. It will air movies instead. However, Voice specials which include interviews and BTS will be aired earlier in the evenings. Episode 5 will air the following week on February 4th.

Well, ain’t that great? It’s bad enough that they didn’t give us a preview (what’s  up with recapping an episode we just watched?!?!) but now, we have to wait an extra week to find out what happens to Kwon Joo? I’m not really worried about her because she’s obviously not dying so I expect most of the action will surround finding Park Eun Byul. I expect her to be found alive but they may want to raise the stakes and inspire her sister to join the team (although she could join regardless) so maybe she could die? It all depends on where those sickos hid her. Either possibility is plausible so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m glad that they’ve already gotten Jin Hyuk to believe and trust in Kwon Joo because he was getting really annoying. All it took was experiencing her magic. She says that no one else realizes that she’s got a gift but surely, those folks at the call center have to realize that this isn’t something that can be learned via some American voice profiling courses.

I think it’s good that they showed she’s not infallible but I’m also surprised that it happened. Will there be an explanation for why she was off about the car model or is this just their way of showing Jin Hyuk’s usefulness?

Also, why are the police so damn lazy? It’s like they don’t even bother to investigate and go with the most obvious choice. I’m not talking about ruling Go Dong Chul’s death a suicide as there’s obviously some shadiness there but not listening to Jin Hyuk when he told them that they were chasing after the wrong man.  They are the typical TV cops who always show up after the hero has solved the crime. LOL So annoying.

This scene was kind of funny to watch. It was obvious Jin Hyuk suspected the old man so I didn’t expect him to take a swig of the juice he was given. And when he took one, I expected to see him spit it out. But he didn’t and I was all like, “Why are you so stupid? It’s so obvious that he’s a baddie!” I was getting mad at the writers for making him dumb. LOL.  But then it was revealed as a ruse and all was well with the world again.

Anyway, the two episodes were fun to watch. I think the cases go on for a little long because there’s always some twist that prolongs them (the mom was a victim herself and the kid was kidnapped by a second person; both Eun Byul and Kwon Joo have been kidnapped) but the pace still works and I’m glad they are still solving cases while investigating their own personal one. There’s nothing worse than when what should be a procedural ends up being 12 episodes devoted to solving one crime. But I wonder how many fake-outs we’ll be getting. I knew there was no way that the kid from Pinocchio was the serial killer so why bother with that? But I hope they explain how he even knows about the cracking voice. Perhaps she mentioned it during the trial? I forget.

Speaking of which, how did she know that Dong Chul and the real killer were in town? Was this explained?

Anyway, so far, so good. And I’m not the only one loving it because the 3rd episode’s ratings rose to 5.7%. But it should be noted that it aired an hour later. Back in its time slot, the 4th episode fell to 3.6% (which is still good). Perhaps they should consider making the time slot switch permanent.

The acting by everyone – particularly the guest stars – has been great and the director has done a good job keeping the suspense. Too bad we have to wait two weeks for the next episode. Drats!

Credit: OCN, Naver


  • He was getting on my nerves too! C’mon! She led you to the little boy INSIDE a wall!! What other proof do you need?! Damn! It’s going to be a long week.

  • Elena says:

    I’m also loving Voice so far! 😀 As you said, it’s fun to watch and the two leads are charming; I also like how smart they are and how they are becoming a solid team.
    Anyway, how dare they to leave us with that cliffhanger for two weeks?!

  • beez says:

    Delaying, even if there is good reason – reminds me too much of what happened to Beautiful Mind.

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