“Hwarang” Episode 13 Preview And Week 6 Thoughts

So someone posted a sign in Hwarang headquarters saying the King is one of the Hwarang members, which means everyone is now suspecting everyone. (LOL) Not really but you get the idea. My guess as to who did it was immediately Minister Park (Ban Ryu’s fake father) since he’s been all about finding out who/where the Prince is from episode one – plus he has the bracelet.

My second-lead shipping heart was happy when Aro went to find Maek Jong and reassure him no one would find out from her which was adorable. Since the rest of Hwarang all grew up in the city, know each other and watched each other grow up, it’s not surprising Han Sung quickly narrowed it down to Maek Jong and Sun Woo as possibly being the King. And since they all saw Sun Woo wearing the bracelet, it’s also not surprising they’ve all come to believe he is the King.

But of course, it also didn’t take Sun Woo long to figure it out and the really bad thing about that is: he still firmly believes the Prince/King killed his best friend, Mak Moon. UGH, just when I was getting all excited about the bromance between these two! I loved the confrontation between Sun Woo and EVIL Princess Sook Myung (who is exactly like her Mother) and was happy he made it clear that he saw her try to kill Aro. I’m not even going to get into the idea that EVIL Queen wants her daughter to marry her son. (YUCK!)

Everyone thought the EVIL Queen was an interesting character but to me, she’s become boring, predictable and obsessive. How many times do we have to watch her moon over An Ji and then threaten to kill his daughter when she doesn’t get what she wants? We already know she murdered his wife and son but that apparently didn’t win An Ji’s heart so now she’s continually threatening to kill his daughter. I’m over it, she really needs to move on. And if An Ji is going to poison her, I wish he would hurry up. (LOL) There were lots of cute moments in this episode like – Soo Ho and his reaction when he finds his sister crying (I love these two idiots) and Han Sung with Aro when he pretends his foot is hurt so he doesn’t have to fight.

The whole fight-to-the-death sparring match was a bit silly, it served no purpose. Since it was EVIL Princess who came up with the idea, I’m still trying to figure out what her motive was. Is she just a psycho who enjoys killing, watching people die and blood-shed? As for Minister Park, it’s clear he wants the King dead so he can make his fake-son Ban Ryu the new King – that was his motive.

I’m not sure what is happening in this preview but it appears someone is declaring war on Silla. And one of my favorite couples – Soo Yeon kisses Ban Ryu! WooHoo! I’m still really enjoying this drama and can’t wait for next week.

English Subs:

Unknown: Would a war not be better?
Unknown: I know I can win.
Minister Park: What will you do? Will it be war or amity?
Aro: What did I do wrong? Why will you not even look at me?
Aro: Why are you so narrow-minded?
EVIL Princess: So you want me to go to Baekje?
Ban Ryu: Why must I go there?
EVIL Princess: I can teach you sword-fighting.
Sun Woo: You do not know whom I will kill with my sword.
Prince Maek Jong: I am angry at myself because I feel like I keep putting you in danger.
Master Wi Hwa: What Silla wants is a true King.
Prince Maek Jong: Would it be okay if I become King?
EVIL Princess: You came…to me.
Master Wi Hwa: You may face unforeseen events on the way. Remember at each time that you are Hwarang!
Master Wi Hwa: You are the pride of Silla! Do you understand?
Hwarang: Yes!

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