Newlyweds Diary (The Lovebirds: Year 1) – Second Teaser & Official Posters

I am anxiously waiting for February because of this variety program!

One of Korea’s power couple is the newest addition to Na PD’s growing variety family. Ku Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun married last May of 2016. They have spent winter together, not just to keep each other warm, but to be under Na PD’s watchful eye. I think he even got some work cut out from him somehow. Hye Sun can also serve as his camerawoman. Heh.

This couple isn’t just ordinary, and I expect the show to be the same. Hye Sun mentioned that marriage isn’t always filled with joy, and she doesn’t recommend it for those who fantasised about it. These are just few insights we will learn. I think Na PD convinced the couple to do a variety because he wanted to show marriage in one of its truest form. Marriage is not just what most people expect it to be.

We are not just going to see the uber sweetness. I think Ahn Jae Hyun will be getting more than just a hit from a shuttlecock. Hye Sun is unconventional at most, and she finally meets someone who can jive with it. Or not? Let’s find out!

I can really feel the show coming! We can only expect more teasers from here. Well, I hope so.

Credits: tvN | Ku Hye Sun Soompi thread 


  • Adal says:

    His face looks a tad puffy in these pictures. I almost didn’t recognize him. It’s Ahn Jae Hyun, right?

  • jjang2512 says:

    Leila, i think you meant that they got married last May of 2016, not 2017. :p
    Anyways, this couple was pretty low-key during their courtship (save for the cute proposal video), and yes, I’m also quite anxious to see how this work out. It is Na PD’s program after all, albeit a little bit different from his previous varieties. (^^)

  • ckphoenix ckphoenix says:

    Hi Jjang2512! Thank you for pointing this one out ☺️ *runs to edit* – leila

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