Delicate Beauty Shin Hye Sun For February InStyle

After playing the semi-villain in “Legend of the Blue Sea“, Shin Hye Sun told InStyle magazine that she’s nothing like her character, she’s much more cheerful. We love these delicate beauty shots, check it out!

Source  |  InStyle


  • Su L. says:

    Beautiful and lovely! Thanks!

  • beez says:

    She looks great. She’s fast becoming one of my favorite actresses. Anybody who hasn’t seen Five Enough – I highly
    recommend it. Long series but it’s worth it! So much so that the network extended it by two episodes.

  • Chiclibrarian says:

    I’m glad she got a chance to shine here. She’s been the victim of netizens criticizing her looks. She is a good actress. Loved her in Five is Enough and Oh my Ghostess.

    • beez says:

      @Chiclibrarian – oh wow. I didn’t know that. I like her even more now knowing she entered this field and didn’t go the plastic surgery route. The sameness of most Korean actresses is probably why they don’t stand out to me. In my opinion, for most of the Kdramas, you can substitute almost any of the actresses in the lead role and it wouldn’t matter to me. There are only a few whose names I even bother trying to remember. But the guys totally matter (and not only because of their abs) 🙂 I know the men get surgery too, but they don’t seem to all go in with a set mold of “give me Lee Min Ho’s face”.

      Shin Hye Sun – FIGHTING!

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