Additional Images Of Lee Sung Kyung For February Elle

Original Images HERE

Source  |  Elle


  • beez says:

    Very cute girl. But she appears uncomfortable and sometimes awkward in these photos. Maybe that’s the look they were going for but I think she could’ve looked really good without the hunched over shoulders. Especially the shot on the stool looks like an attempt to be sexy that couldn’t be pulled off. They should’ve just let her natural beauty shine through like it does in the close-up shot.

    • tessieroo says:

      I agree, close-up shots are simply gorgeous! Maybe she was doing the “model-from-head-to-toe” thing? (LOL) She looks like a model to me, all strange and awkward angles plus hunched shoulders & maximizing body length.

      *sigh* I think I’ve watched to much America’s Next Top Model. 😀

  • nahaluk says:

    I would blame the “concept” of the photo shoot for the awkwardness.

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