Choi Jin Hyuk For February 2017 Singles

Choi Jin Hyuk who starred in “I Need Romance“, “Heirs” and “Fated To Love You” spoke with Singles magazine about his upcoming drama, “Tunnel” AND his age…like somehow 32 is over-the-hill. (LOL) He’s started worrying about marriage but has chosen to focus on his career for now. That’s just fine with us, we’ve missed this very tall, handsome Oppa. Check it out!

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  • Adal says:

    He’s baaaaaaaaack! Lol. I’m so glad! Can’t believe he’s already 32, how time flies! I remember him as a slightly awkward 26 year old in one of his earlier dramas, Pasta. It’s good to see him looking happy, I’m a long time fan.

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