“Missing Nine” Episode 9 Preview

Thou shalt not kill but I wholeheartedly wish they’d killed Tae Ho on the island, especially after catching him in the act. What’s the logic behind letting a known killer live? And based on the preview for today’s episode, he was also responsible for their friend’s suicide, something he kept blaming Joon Oh for. How despicable!

Is that a flashback or is Mr. Tae alive? How is he working with that shady vice president when Tae Ho knows he can’t keep his mouth shut? I guess this just means I have to keep watching.

Credit: MBC Drama

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  • Adal says:

    I suspect the lack of logic behind not locking up Tae Ho, doing away with him or at least tying him to a tree is why the ratings are on a continuous downwards spiral.

    I personally like the show and think that it is a novel idea for a Kdrama but there’s too much violence and not enough justification to let a serial killer run rampant on the island. Maybe they should have made it more about survival and less about a man who can’t control his murderous rages?

    Anyway, I’m in it for the long haul.

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