“Voice” Episode 7 Preview

The police’s stupidity continues to grate and I’m now putting it down to bad writing. Yes, the chief is shady (due to blackmail) but the rest of them are still knuckleheads. Shouldn’t that policeman’s first instinct be to check the gas tank for a leak when he noticed that something was amiss?

Anyway, as predicted, Eun Byul’s sister has joined the team and I’m interested in seeing what her contribution will be. I didn’t expect Kwon Joo to go into the field but I suppose we’ll see if her partnership with Jin Hyuk will now take this form or he’ll be back to working more with his hoobae.

We’ve got an unusual situation here where the boss is killing people with his own bare hands. They seem to have given a face to the man with the cracking jaw but surely, there’s more to this, right?

Here’s the preview:

Our dear Jin Hyuk is getting his ass kicked.  Who will save him?

Credit: OCN

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  • Ani Lee says:

    I too was watching episode 6 in disbelief, like for real ??? So many stupid moments.. poor Jang Hyuk’s acting is wasted on this drama. Maybe the writers will improve??

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