“Tomorrow With You” Episode 5 Preview + Quick Thoughts on Week 2

Pretty much every time travel show out there deals with this question: What would you do if you knew the future?

Well, for starters, I would make myself rich. And no, I wouldn’t even do it somewhat productively like our male lead So Joon by establishing a company and investing in real estate that I know will yield positive returns. Nope. I’d simply win the lottery and keep it moving. Yup, I am that lazy.

And I’d probably also use that knowledge to avoid tragedy, which is pretty much what Tomorrow With You is about.

So Joon has this nonchalance and lack of interest in life that can be very annoying but I think is very realistic. In Episode 2, he couldn’t bring himself to care about his friend’s heartbreak because he already knew how it will turn out. I get it because his knowledge about the future has turned the present into some sort of joke. It’s like when the cliffhanger in Episode 4 has the lead’s life in mortal danger. Can we muster enough energy to worry for even a minute when we know that the lead will survive?

Hence, So Joon has been skating through life, living in boredom till he learns that he only has 3 years to live. This has given him some purpose, especially after learning that the woman who saved him from a fatal accident is the woman who dies with him exactly ten years after said accident. It must mean something, right? Especially when a fellow time traveler suggests that she might be the key to changing his fate and living longer. Now this selfish guy who has never gotten involved in anyone else’s life is all up in this woman’s.

She is Song Ma Rin, otherwise known as Bap Soon, the character she played as a child. The drama was a smash hit but she didn’t do much after it.

Now she’s a struggling photographer with a terrible drinking habit. She’s still recognizable so when she gets drunk and passes out on the street, photos of her get posted online.

She’s someone who’s struggling to follow her dreams of becoming a photographer and giving her life some purpose. She’s sick of always being recognized and always being a disappointment as she’s not achieved anything since Bap Soon. She wishes that instead of thinking of her as a disgraceful drunk who’s failed at life, they’d just think of her as a regular person. She doesn’t even dream of a fairy tale romance. No. All she wants is someone she can get along with who loves her for herself.

She’s easily flattered, which unfortunately means she can easily be manipulated so the man with no purpose finds some in the woman who’s desperately searching for hers. And it’s gloomy.

So Joon wishes to protect Ma Rin and is attracted to her but his main motivation is survival and not love so it is a little uncomfortable to watch him con her into marriage. It makes me think of those people who con others into what they don’t realize is a green card marriage. So it’s sweet, romantic and their chemistry is good but I can’t help but feel bad for Ma Rin because she’s fallen for someone who isn’t in love with her… yet.  And while she’s hoping for a real husband, he just wants a roommate who will save him from death.

Then we have the time traveling ajusshi who steered him in this direction. Why did he go as far as encouraging him to have a kid? Is it because he’s Ma Rin’s father who is doing his best to save her life? That would be a good twist that humbles So Joon because he’d learn that he’s a pawn in someone else’s game.

We also have his friend Se Young who’s secretly in love with him. Will the friend in on his secret – Ki Doong – eventually spill the beans to her? I’m waiting to see what role she’ll be playing here.

The thing here is the future changes. Or does it? So Joon went to the future and found himself married to Ma Rin. After freaking out and wrecking things in the present, he went back to the future and saw that his future self was back to living solo. I can’t remember if it was the exact date he’d previously traveled to because at first glance, it looked like he’d changed the future but if he arrived at a later date, it could just be that they’d broken up. After all, 2019’s So Joon had lost all fight and resigned himself to his tragic fate and I think that attitude is directly related to the state of his relationship at that time.

“Don’t fight so hard because nothing will change” 2019’s So Joon says despite saving Ma Rin from her 2016 accident. Like 2016’s So Joon, I wonder why he doesn’t just stay home to avoid the accident unless he accepts his death because he’s unable to save (and be with) Ma Rin.

Because despite her esteem issues, Ma Rin has spunk and fight. She didn’t fall easily into So Joon’s arms when he came running back to her after his nasty rejection and she didn’t need him to stand up for her when her fremeny was being shady. So I trust that she won’t be a doormat. She’s quite observant and mentioned his uncanny ability to be more accurate than the weather forecast. She will absolutely not let him be a “roommate who lives freely.” Or whatever he thinks their marriage will be.

Anyway, there are tons of answered questions (like why no one notices him disappear from the train) so I’m going to sit back and keep enjoying this drama.

Time travel can get very crazy and messy and what I am most waiting for (and hope we get) is when our present So Joon becomes his future self and starts receiving visits from his past self. It’ll be interesting to view some of these conversations he has with himself from a different perspective.

So Joon can’t contact his future self (plus his home looks abandoned) and he learns from Ajusshi that his future self has disappeared. What does that mean?

And isn’t this dude addicted to visiting the future? Maybe he should take Ki Doong’s advice and start living in the present. Life can pass you by if you only look forward.

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  • BriE. says:

    Loving the character observations. I appreciate how low-key this drama is, feels really true to life when considering the high concept of time-travel. Can’t wait to see this story go further!

  • ilchul says:

    I’m really enjoying the drama and now I have to wait for new episodes each week after watching the 4 episodes in a row after all my attempt to start watching the drama once it’s fully aired!! WAAAAAAA
    I believe Yoo So Joon is trying to save both of them through their marriage not only himself!! he genuanly care for her and likes her and want to protect her even if not in love with her enough to get married to her yet but I can see him falling for her in noo time!! 😀 :p

  • Inggg says:

    Is it possible that ajusshi is marin’s dad? Who would do anything to save her daughter’s life??

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