“Hwarang” Preview 19 & Thoughts Of Week Nine

I’m not sure what a “Wonhwa” is but it appears we now have at least two of them. (LOL) I knew that someone would try to kill Sun Woo just because he came out as the King but I didn’t realize it would be Han Sung’s brother. *sobs* Of all the people to die, I honestly didn’t think it would be Han Sung! I also still believe the OTP should be Soo Yeon and Ban Ryul, they are adorable. There’s not much left to the story, it’s just a matter of whom becomes King – now that we know Sun Woo is actually Kung Kyong’s son. Which King will step up?

English Subs:

*children singing*: The best Hwarang is Master Ji Dwi. The best King is Master Sun Woo.
EVIL Queen: You gave them a pretext. It is your fault. It is all your fault!
Sun Woo: I truly love you.
EVIL Queen: He is also a Sacred Bone. He is your rival!
Sun Woo: Why did you call me here?
Kung Kyong: The preparations are finished. The preparations to make you King.
EVIL Queen: You will regret it.
Ji Dwi: I will bear the weight of that regret myself.

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