“Age of Youth” Season 2 is a Go!

Oh my GOD!!!  JTBC’s well-loved but low-rated 2016 series Age of Youthabout five girls who live in a house, will get another season!

The producers are currently in talks with the main cast in hopes that they all sign on. The only story line I was dissatisfied with was Ji Won’s and I hope the actress (and the guy who played her best friend) sign on so that they can explore their romance. I would also like to see how Ye Eun fares now that she’s completely cut off ties with her abusive ex.

Those stories aside, I want to see all the girls so I hope all their respective actresses sign up. As for the male cast, as cute as Ji Il Joo is, we don’t need more than a cameo from jail. It’ll be nice to see more of Jin Myung’s relationship with the chef so I’d like to see him too but I can live with her moving on from him. And I can absolutely live with Eun Jae moving on from her puppy love romance with that Oppa so I’m good with him not returning. I don’t have a major opinion on Dong Joo the gigolo so I’m cool either way.

Anyway, we’ll see how it all turns out, hopefully by this summer.

Credit: Soompi


  • drawde20000 says:

    Dong Joo the gigolo. Lol.

    Seriously though, I want him back. The actor that is. It’s so that my love for him will even more greater. I despised his character in Misaeng. He unfairly treated Geurae 😢😢. So anything to help me get over that is always a good sign. And dong Joo the gigolo is a step towards that. Heck can I be his client?

  • sskuwair says:

    OMG hopefully all the cast will sign on! *fingercrossed*

  • sharreb says:

    i need all the cast back inc the gigolo friend but minus the abusive ex =D

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