“Voice” Episode 9 Preview + Quick Thoughts On Week 4

So the real psycho was finally revealed and it’s played by Kim Jae Wook as many people thought. I think even those who didn’t know that didn’t really believe that the gangster boss was the real killer.

It was also revealed that the police chief is also on the take. That was pretty obvious because you’ll need someone high up to make all these cases disappear. I still hate Chief Jang most because he’s on the ground actively sabotaging cases. I honestly don’t care what’s on the video they are blackmailing him with and hope he grows a conscience and stops his bullshit like Jin Hyuk hinted at. He’s out there letting a criminal get away with multiple murders to protect his ugly self.

The killer is totally nuts as shown in that “road rage” scene. I started to write something about mental illness versus mental disorder but I hope that scene isn’t showing us that his psychopathy is due to a mental imbalance and not just him being an evil, crazy bastard.

Now, onto the actual case. I really wish it had ended more hopefully like the other ones where the innocents got to live and the criminals were apprehended because in this case, this poor woman who changed her face to protect her younger brother (who’d been used and framed for a murder) gets brutally murdered by a psycho who wants to tease two victims of his horrific crimes.

And the worst part is that Kwon Joo urged her to reveal the truth with promises to protect her and as far I can see, she did absolutely nothing (no police detail, no witness protection). And she knew that these particular criminals were linked to the guy who murdered her father, planned to kill Jin Hyuk AND had informants within the police force. How annoying!

Here’s the preview:

Our cute, rich (as we learned last week) cop transforms into DJ Black at night and commits crimes? Nope, I am not buying it. There’s gotta be more to the story.

Credit: OCN

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