This drama is bringing a lot of fun weekly!

You might be wondering why a simple plot can still hold its own audience with a grip that can send ratings high. Whenever a show is written, directed and acted the way Chief Kim has been presented, it comes with no surprise.

My expectations are at its lowest but I end up watching with enthusiasm every episode. If this quirkiness continues, this might be included in one of my favourite k-drama fun list. I am in for the long haul, and something greater is just about to begin. I’m ecstatic to witness it unfold!

Personal thoughts from Episodes 1 to 8:

Dr. Seuss once said “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

And I have to say, I found love in Nam Goong Min as he plays the titular K-drama hero Chief Kim.

He’s now playing a character I’ve wished Goong Min would portray. He’s been a dashing debonair, and the epitome of a second lead guy that is easy to fall in love with. He also dabbled on some villain roles. But as Chief Kim, he is resilient, uber hilarious, witty and adorable! Goong Min is crazy beautiful and I couldn’t be more happier simply watching his antics.

In Episode 1 when Sung Ryong suddenly turned dramatic during his interview, I was like “Is there a Hiring Manager who would fall for that?” LOL. That scene actually sealed the deal for me. Watching Nam Goong Min reminds me of Lee Jin Soo (Kang Ji Hwan in Coffee House) but version 2.0! And most of you know how much we love Kang Ji Hwan here at the couch! Jin Soo is a character so close in our hearts. Any man who can portray an amalgam of wackiness, directly hits the right spots of my heart.

I am loving every relationship Sung Ryong has. Yes, even with Park Myung Seok and the Ethical Manager! I also love that Sung Ryong found home in Mr Chu’s humble abode. Chief Kim has been living alone growing up and its about time to have a fatherly warmth again.

What started as a personal-gain agenda for him, has now blossomed into for-others-gain plan. This kind of reversal is something I’ve anticipated since Episode 1. For those who underestimate Sung Ryong, he was viewed as someone who can easily be manipulated by using his weakness. Just like how Yul used him. But then, just as everyone thought he’s easy, this man is smart and has depth. He grew up with nothing, and his attitude led him to think that he got nothing to lose too. He doesn’t feel embarrassed despite of anything life throws at him. This kind of strength is rare and it is remarkable for our hero to have.

Yoon Ha Kyung (Nam Sang Mi) is far from the usual bubbly k-drama heroine. Her fierceness and soft hearted persona are typical but what I like most about Ha Kyung is that she chooses to see the goodness in Chief Kim. She is the first one who gave up her prejudice and looked at the brighter side. It’s always easy to judge based on our perception, but it takes courage to trust someone else. It’s nice to witness a relationship built with this kind of foundation. Surely Chief Kim and Ha Kyung can do wonders together.

Seo Yul (Lee Jun Ho), where to begin? He is a type of man who would do anything for money and position. Anything. I hate to use this word in this context. He is becoming the person he used to persecute for crimes they committed. Aigoo. Why is he allowing himself to be in that position? A part of me thinks, he doesn’t like where he is now. Maybe because he’s failing at it. He takes advantage of others, and uses it for personal gain. Right from the start, he made his character clear. We can’t expect him to be the nicest guy in the office. Though that’s the case, I can’t ignore the fact that this man has a heart too.

Is there even a love line??

It’s obvious that Yul likes Ha Kyung, and I’m actually enjoying those cute moments they have at the batting cage. Then again, Yul found out that she belongs to the opposite side. Aww. Is his feelings for Ha Kyung just like the glove that he easily thrown away? A small part of me hopes this is not the case. How about Chief Kim and Ha Kyung? Hmm. I’m still on the fence regarding this as well. It’s been a long time since I haven’t noticed a specific love line in a drama. OTP is a distinct line k-drama plot easily shows. It is intriguing and refreshing all in one bite if it is not visible. Am I alone on this? Do you know the OTP? My radar might be having some technical problems nowadays. Heh.

Anyhow, if there is no main love line, there is a side dish that tastes as good! I have high hopes on this one. Aren’t they the cutest?

Company politics isn’t something new in K-dramas. You know, this show is as cliché as it gets. But I won’t shed any bad light more than that.

One of the best lessons I grew up learning from watching Richie Rich is the importance of employees. Richie’s father didn’t laid off any of his employees with the belief that the older one gets, the better he is at doing his work. Lessons from experience is time-based. Clearly the TQ Group Executives have mismatch of belief now, and most thinks to care for themselves more. But there is hope through CEO Jang, who worked assiduously and planned a solution to stop her husband from wreaking havoc in the company her father worked hard to build.

Depending on how you look at a person, his worth changes. – Ha Kyung

Everyone is capable of doing good. The show is breaking prejudice through Chief Kim. He is the type who fights back. He is mischievous but he knows when and how to wear his smartypants! Although he underestimates himself, he knows he is capable of more.

In this drama, it is critical to know on which side you stand. I believe doing something good for others is never in vain. But how does one know which side to take? We can learn a lot from the characters in this drama. Just like Chief Kim. I’m glad he’s on board the better side now! I’ve been cheering for him from the start and I will continue doing so!

AJA Chief Kim!


  • Ani Lee says:

    I, too am soo liking this drama! Nam Goong Min is one true chameleon! I love his character here, & appearance too. I have not heard of Jun Ho before, imagine my surprise to find out he’s from the group 2 PM! Versatile actor too. Lol, I couldn’t help not liking his character here but maybe he’ll change? Rooting for the underdogs!

  • Dal says:

    Me too..let me join the fun..its been a while sincle i rofl watching a drama.. not that since the recent one was the super cheesy cute kimbokjoo. You just find it satisfying to see chief kim being naughty and doing whatever he wants but for the good cause. Rebelling against the bad guy never looks so fun!

  • sharreb says:

    This is a case of wacky done right. So happy this drama is resonating with viewers- read alot of positives from internet reviews and the ratings domestically is a winner too. The production team couldnt go wrong when they casted Nam Goong Min- he fits Chief Kim’s character to a t or should i say he made Chief Kim character his

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