“Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” Episode 3 Preview

I haven’t seen episode 2 yet but from what I saw of episode 1, I loved it! It was nice to get right to the meat of the matter, no wasting time and no looooong first couple of episodes to get the story going. It’s obvious that Bong Soon likes our cop, Gook Du and has for a long time but he has a girlfriend. It’s also obvious that feelings will begin developing between our President, Min Hyuk and Bong Soon… but I think she thinks he’s a jerk. *squeals* I can’t wait!


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  • Juliesean says:

    It’s my new crack ! It finally got me out of my drama slump. I hope it stays cute and fluffy throughout its run. Even with the plot on the serial killer on the loose, it was integrated organically. I don’t want in to go into dark and angstville. Awww… Park Bo Young is adorable. On TOP of that, we have 2 cuties Hyungsik and Jisoo!!!

  • martha says:

    The three of them are adorable, I can’t wait to see them together. I’m loving it

  • nahaluk says:

    Well, he is a jerk but in very sweet, kindergarten, “let me pull your pigtails’ way. It’s funny without him being malicious or mean spirited.
    I agree, it’s the new drama crack!

  • Sansukini says:

    It’s my first time watching a jtbc drama. I love it! I’m also loving the chemitry between Hyungshik and PBY. I think, more than because he needs protection, Pres MinHyuk must have developed a little crush on strong BongSoon.

  • sharreb says:

    This drama is my happy pill.. was so scaredmy high expectations will disappoint me bt nope.. all expectation met and more. i love those crazy CGI’s it’s all nicely used for best comedic effect and i love its so snappy in its strory and directing. in 2 episodes we got the whole gist of BS’s histroy of strong women in her family, the curse, her parents, her twin, the first tym she crossed passed with Min hyuk, how Min hyuk found out her strength, her bestfriend, how she got her bodyguard job, the crime -its mystery, the culprit in mask, Gook Du’s gf, Min Hyeok inviting her to stay over the night and the guys fighting over her… All that in 2 episode… to say im entertained is an understatement

  • Becaangel says:

    I love it so far… And is very difficult to got me hooked on any drama no matter the cast or the hyped…and usully I don’t follow trends and watch the ” drama of the moment” … I love it so much that I’ve watched the 2 ep. like 10 times after it aired.

    I’m soo happy for PHS for this very well deserve hit !!

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