Lee Dong Wook Covers Elle Men Hong Kong For March

Lee Dong Wook, wuri lovely Grim Reaper in the fantasy drama “Goblin“, covers Elle Men Hong Kong for March. *squeals* Check it out!

Source  |  The Star


  • Beez says:

    Does Elle really…?
    Just…nevermind because…

  • Teleri says:

    Is it just me, or do all the fashion mags save their most outlandish outfits for him? Cause he’s gonna make the most ridiculous of them look half-way decent LOL

  • Laura says:

    El buen mozo, demas están los agregados al termino, lo puesto, que puedo decir
    un verdadero ESPANTO !!!

  • martha says:

    He is so handsome but those outfits…… flowered pants and Donald Duck are not good enough for him. LOL

  • Daph says:

    Honestly.. I have to say the styling doesn’t look good on him.. Not just this but in the ARENA and Vogue photos too. WHyyy

    • Beez says:

      @Daph, I thought LDW looked good in the Vogue fashions. While the Vogue clothes were outrageous, and typical high-fashion nonsense that no one would ever wear on the street – at least Vogue did not look like what you’d only have on after being in bed with the flu for 5 days and you grabbed various mis-matched pajama pieces in the dark to battle the chills.

  • Cassandra says:

    Stylish actually…great work Mr.Lee DW😊😊

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