Are you watching Chief Kim? I do! I already mentioned on my first impression how much I love Nam Goong Min in his current role. That’s enough reason to dedicate this post for him.

The first k-drama that I discovered him in was I Need Romance 3. He always played the typical second lead that our hearts yearn for, even alongside the gorgeous Sung Joon as a counterpart. Next drama I supported him in was My Secret Hotel. Together with Yoo In Na, they proved why SLS is worth having. They displayed phone conversations that makes distance the sweetest. I cannot stress how much I love Goong Min here! Since then, I’ve longed for the day he will take on a lead role. I’m so glad that his time finally came! *confetti*

Nam Goong Min’s eyes have killed me a thousand times over, and revived me just as much too. There is power in looking at genuine eyes. The pair he got, never fails to send shivers and giggles. That’s why every emotion he feels, his eyes profoundly resonates it. Whether he is suffering from a love that can never be his, or looking at a woman he likes for the first time, Goong Min knows exactly how to draw you in. And don’t even get me started when he begins to smile.. *melts*

As Chief Kim, his talent and versatility are evident. From the janitress ahjumma to Manager Chu, everyone mixed with him produces on-screen chemistry. Moreover, he has the incredible knack to make me laugh then cry the next. Or in Seo Yul’s case, boil in a hot mess of anger. I’m a happy camper because Goong Min’s abilities are stretched and shown in multiple facets as Chief Kim. Since I’m greedy, show can the romance surface already? And stop that Noona nonsense, jebal!

Let’s find out if this will ever happen starting tomorrow!


  • AlekaOnu says:

    hi Leila 🙂 thanks for this article about Nam Goong Min. The first time I saw him acting in a drama was as a villain. He was great as a villain. Then in another drama, suddenly I saw him smiled and realised he’s such a good looking guy when he smiles. From then on, I have been waiting for him as the main lead. I love Chief Kim, NGM gave me lots of laughter and helps to release my everyday life stresses.

  • Ani Lee says:

    Yes, I too LOVE it when he smiles!!! Swooon! 🙂 Loved him when he was the hottie bad guy as well, he was ripped!

  • Anna says:

    I love him in beautiful gongshim!

  • Elaine Za says:

    Love him too !

  • Beez says:

    This post has made me reconsider giving more dramas with Nam Gongmin a chance.

    I first saw him in Can You Hear My Heart where I disliked his character (which I was supposed to so he did his job) and so really didn’t check him out in anything else. Although I really liked him in that recent 2016 rom-com (can’t remember the name) but I enjoyed him so much more as the serial killer in Girl Who Sees Smells and loved his intense performance in Remember Son’s War.

    I’ll check out Secret Hotel based on this post.

  • Viewer says:

    His last name is Namgoong , first name is Min.

  • evie7 says:

    I first watched Namgoong Min in I Need Romance 3 too. I’ve following him ever since then. His smile does make you melt. I’m so happy he is getting the recognition he deserves.

  • mint says:

    I first saw him in Beautiful Gong Shim and thought he would be in his early thirties. Because the first drama I saw from him was rom-com, I was surprised when he looked so scary in Remember xD
    I’m totally enjoying Chief Kim, too! He is good at making chemistry with pretty much everybody. I ship him with… everyone! lol (actually I like Yul – Ha Kyung :p) He made Chief Kim his own character

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