Kim So Eun For 2017 Heritage Muine

Kim So Eun, who is getting ready to wrap up filming with her We-Got-Married hubby, Song Jae Rim took some time out and showed up in the pages of Heritage Muine. I’ve watched almost all of “Our Gab Soon” and can honestly say…I’m glad it’s almost over. (LOL) But our girl looks lovely here, check it out!

Source  |  The Star


  • bmore says:

    My brain cells retract into the dark ages with every god blessed episode. WHY am I continuing to watch???? I am sick, sick, sick.

    • tessieroo says:

      LMAO! I wonder how many of us are “sick”. 😀

      • bmore says:

        a lot based on the number of comments on dramanice/cool! And everyone is saying the same thing…WHY are we watching this thing? Every single character in this is completely irredeemable. None of us can stand anyone. We all have itchy palms, desperate to slap someone…everyone. The only one we all want to save is that poor abused and neglected Dol-yi.

        I wonder if SoLim couple made this so they could kill off all the fans obsessing over them being together. (sorry, I’m one of those Obsessed Ones) Since everyone is going to end up hating one or the other or both of them by the end of this, I’d say that might be the entire reason for it!!! 🙂

  • alexy says:

    SOOOO praying for a better project for her. I was totally against her doing this show cause I felt like it was another way to milk them together and it was. I hope she gets something fresh soon.
    I’ve even looked into upcoming dramas to see if something fits her. I am an avid shipper of her and Lee Soo Hyuk, and I wish she explored those push and pull characters a bit more.

    This project she kind of bowed her head too much to the circumstance, and in Liar Game she didn’t have much substance either. In SWWTN her chemistry with Lee Soo Hyuk was great because she was so independent and chic and strong.

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