No Preview For Strong Woman Bo Dong Soon Episode 7

Welp, it appears that the internet police are out in force for anyone posting previews for this adorable show (heh) so we’ll just have to get by for now without it. Suffice to say, next week looks even cuter because Dong Soon finally realizes Min Hyuk’s feelings – *squeals* LOL! Since I can’t post the preview, I decided to post one of my favorite moments from this week, the scene were they’re all imaging what would happen if they slept together…I haven’t laughed this hard in ages. Check it out!

The ratings for this drama have been off the charts, considering it’s a cable channel – let’s hope it continues. I’m also going to post the OST video for “How Would It Be?” since I’ve personally recieved so many requests for it. Enjoy and I can’t wait for next week!

Credit: JTBC Drama and Uploader

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  • Robin N says:

    I’m with you; watching all 3 imagine the “worst” of sleep peeping had me laughing my fool head off. Delightful, but not without an edge is this little drama.

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