He’s getting better and better every project! And more beautiful too, isn’t it?

I’m thankful for the production team behind High Society for introducing Hyung Sik to me. Prior to that, I didn’t even know he was part of the K-Idol group ZE:A. My bad. I simply fell in love with him as he plays the classic K-drama Chaebol named Yoo Chang Soo. His chemistry with Lim Ji Yeon made the show worth my time recapping it.

And now with the adorable Park Bo Young, Hyung Sik is killing me with his love for her. Okay, I’m in a hurry to say the “L” word. Heh. But that’s how I feel! They are just the cutest couple on my screen this season.

If this isn’t love, then what is?

The way he looks at her.. it’s a giveaway.

If Boong Soon doesn’t have super strength, surely she’d be weak in the knees seeing this. Unfortunately, she was asleep to even notice. Try again next time, buddy. We’ll just cherish the stolen glances for now.

I haven’t seen Hyung Sik in Hwarang. But I’m happy to note that he gained more love from it as well. He is unstoppable nowadays! He is becoming a successful rising star among his peers. It is well-deserved.

All I ask now is, give us MORE of you. And we’d be smiling from ear to ear too.


  • sharreb says:

    Agreed. He has stolen the thunder from the leads in his previous work. And he picked a great project to be first lead opposite Bo Young. Not only does he channel in his emotions and eyes that drip honey as the korean netizens puts it, hes good with subtle scenes and he fulfilled his promise at the press conference- that he will make Min Hyuk character unique and his.

  • AlekaOnu says:

    Hi Leila, thanks for creating this article. I have known Hyungsik since his ZEA days but never a fan until Hwarang. As the faceless king in Hwarang, he has win me over with his acting and his good looks. In fact, Hyungsik is getting more handsome as he ages. Before he was a gangling boy and now he’s a manly man :).

    With Strong Woman, I love him even more and not forgetting Jisoo too.

  • juliesean says:

    I discovered him in Nine, where he was chubbier then. After that, I caught him in What Happens To My Family where he was improving. Then came High Society which I only fast forwarded to his scenes, was not the least interested in the main OTP. I got bored with Hwarang and stopped halfway, although I found he outshone the main lead. Maybe I need to fast forward to his scenes again. And now Strong Woman !!! He’s really getting so much better, compared to the other newbies. Together with Park Bo Young, he’s become unstoppable. Of course with Jisoo — hilarious !!! He’s also such a great kisser too, which doesn’t hurt. lol

  • Crystal Eusebio says:

    He was in Heirs too! Crazy huh?

  • cn_fleur says:

    Watch hwarang and feel the second-lead syndrome yourself! 😂

  • Laura says:

    La serie esta muy buena, como siempre la actuación de estos chicos Perfecta ! sin dejar de lado al resto del elenco, son maravillosos todos ellos !

  • Ani Lee says:

    I actually fell for his hair (lol!) in High Society! Then I watched his ZEA mvs & I’m hooked! He soo rocked the long hair & sageuk outfit in Hwarang & now this drama..wow!!

  • Sun Guy says:

    Found PHS in High Society, love his acting there! Went back to rewatch The Heirs to see him there. He did well and super cute in Hwarang. Now enjoying Strong woman…
    Love his song I’ll be here, I listen to it everyday sometimes all day long along with other Hwarang OST. Hwarang to me was a good drama. I enjoyed it very much actually. I took to watching PHS on youtube after Hwarang coz I miss him😄
    He is my new favorite…💖💖

  • Grethel says:

    i first saw him in romantic and idol… he was refreshing and cute… and that\’s when i started following all of his dramas though i am not really a fan of zea… indeed he has improved so much over the years… somehow i missed watching high society so i am watching it now while waiting for the upcoming episodes of strong woman do bong soon… never really rooted for the main leads in hwarang… only watched it because of him…

  • Pushpa says:

    I came to know about him from hwarang. In the first scene itself he impressed me through his style, Expression n voice. I wished n longed every week d story revolves around him. I wished he had more scenes but only get disappointed. I watched d remaining episodes purely only for him. After that I saw him in high society, I really spellbounded by his natural acting. I downloaded the drama n edited his part only. Now I am thoroughly enjoying Strong woman. He is growing day by day as an actor. I want to see him achieve greater heights in life. Through his interview n variety shows I found he is a modest, humble human being. I love his voice very much. I WISH he sings an OST in strong woman. I love you Park hyung sik.Keep Smiling.

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